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August 19, 2008

Two Exchanges on my doorstep!

This afternoon I came home from work, tired, as I have to adjust working long days after eight weeks of lazy days, and I was surprised by two packages!

One was from Iris. She had my name in a 'matchbox swap', and she sent me a lovely decorated matchbox with lots of butterflies upon and in it. Besides the butterflies there were also a lot of other goodies, and a lovely floss tag, from a pattern of Helga Mandl. Look at the pictures and join me in enjoying this exchange. all of this accompanied by a card, I'm sure she made herself. Wow, how much time she spent on me!

The other package was a return exchange from Jen. She made me a cute little bag, on which she stitched one of my favorites: autumn leaves. And besides that, she stitched me two (!) bookmarks, how could she know I am always reading more than one book at the time??

One of them has my name on it, so I don't have to worry whether it is mine or not, the other has some lovely acorns and, again, an autumn leaf. I love them, thank you Jen :-)


Iris said...

Hi Joke,

loved making this exchange, I'm glad you like it !!

Nana's Quilts said...

Wonderful - surely something to cheer you up after having to face work again. Iris did a wonderful job, as did Carol. Lucky girl!

I keep waiting to hear that my matchbox has been received. One other thing I mailed on the same day has arrived, so perhaps soon.

Good wishes,