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December 29, 2008

Needlebook Finished!

Yes, I finally finished my needleboek. I have been stitching it in between, but wanted it to be finished this year. Next year I have so much going on, want to start some new projects, so I was afraid this one would end up to be an UFO. It's a design of Periwinkle Promises, I Love Letters. It is stitched with silks, and has various stitches. It's completely hand-sewn, and I am proud of the way it looks!



The outside.

And the inside.

And just in time for Christmas I finished this lovely design of LHN, Berry and Hollies. It was a quick stitch, didn't take too much time, but I like the result.

December 26, 2008

Just in time for Christmas, I received the exchange Janien made for me. It is such a lovely package, even more dearly to me since I know Janien is ill, yet she did a wonderful job. she stitched me a bookmark, and a lovely tabecloth. She added some great goodies to her package, such as chocolate (yummie!) and a scented bag, smells great, even wrapped in plastic I can smell it. I think it's cinnamon, fits perfect to this time of year. Also a nice piece of backing fabric. A nice card with Chirstmas wishes and a sheet of Flower Fairies (stickers) completed the package. She really spoilt me, thanks so much, Janien!

Last weeks I have been stitching on several things. I almost finished a little something for a friend,can't show it here, because she reads my blog. I also finished the stitching on my Needle book, will show pictures soon. All I have to do is stitch it together, but I assume this will be done this weekend. And I did a small Christmas thing, LHN, Holly & Berries. I forgot to take pictures, but I'll post them this weekend :)

December 14, 2008

Small finish, sent as a PIF

Yesterday I sent the first PIF I stitched. It is for a non-stitching friend, without blog, so I can show it here already. She has given birth to a baby-girl a few months ago, lives in Vienna, so we keep in touch only by mail and chat nowadays.
I stitched her Baby's first Christmas by JBW Designs, personalized by changing 'baby' into 'Haina'.

And I have been stitching quite some time on Celtic Mystery. Picture is taken yesterday, and this morning I filled in the sun and pyramid. Tonight I hope to fill in the flowers, so part nine will be finished then.

December 10, 2008

My first PIF

Yesterday I received my first PIF! I signed up for it on Viv's blog, and she has made me something beautiful! I am totally spoilt by nog getting one piece, but two. Viv made me a nice little bellpull, not only stitched, but also a lot of beading in it. Besides that it has some flowers, done with a special stitch, and they look great. See for yourself.

The second piece she made for me is an adorable little cushion, with lots of beads. Around it also a lot of beads, woven in little bows. Its a complete mystery for me, how she did this.
Thank you Viv!

December 03, 2008

From the Netherlands to Barbados v.v.

At work it is extremely busy, so coming home I have hardly any energy left. I just want to sit down and stitch something easy, but I also feel the need to read my mails and keep in touch with you all through this blog. Thank you all for your lovely and stimulating comments on my blog, it really keeps me going!

Last Monday I got a lovely surprise at work. We have an exchange-student, a lovely girl from Mexico. In order to help her I went to the Public Library and got her some books to study Dutch, just doing my job and trying to pay a little attention to a student, being away from home in a far country, without her family. Nothing special, I thought, so I was totally surprised, and very pleased by receiving a present from her. It is the most exquisite embroidery, a lovely tote for glasses, and a little sachet. The packet was so nicely wrapped, I first took a picture of it before unpacking. Tonantzin added a ribbon with national colours, and her name and emailaddress on it. I asked her permission to add pictures on my blog.

Quite some time ago I joined the Floss Tag Exchange on the HoE. I didn't receive anything until now, and I was a little worried the package might got lost in the mail. But today, totally unexpected, it arrived. Worthwhile waiting so long! My partner Sandra sent me a lovely package, with a beautiful floss tag, some great threads (J.P. Coats), a keyring from Barbados, a lovely little notebook (youngest DD keeps asking for it) and a package of needles.

Funny detail on this exchange is she stitched a part of 'Life is Sweet' by Ria Lanser, using creme evenweave and DMC. I didn't now this blog (maybe because I'm not a quilter), but Ria is Dutch, like me. So from the Netherlands to Barbados (Caribbean)and back to the Netherlands again!

I took part in a winter biscornu swap and this is what I sent to my partner. It's a design of Helga Mandl, January Biscornu, and I used the floss the design asked for. It really is a very tiny biscornu, and my partner Pirjo liked it very much. In fact, I did too, it wasn't easy to part from it LOL