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April 25, 2010

A windmill and again ... a house ;)

This week I was able to finish part seven of Holland Springtime. A windmill standing in a field. A quite common view in our country. It didn't take too long stitching it and I love the result.

Besides that I have been stitching on LHN, Home of a Needleworker Too. Did I tell you I had to frog almost everything? This is how it looks after a week stitching. The rank on the left side is stitched again, the house is done, even the first words appear.

Last thursday I had to travel to Zwolle, to attend a workshop for work (LOL). I raised early and because I had lots of time so I decided to go to Deventer to visit a lovely quiltshop. This is what I bought, I 'm going to use it for a new quilt, which I want to start in July.

Next week is an almost stitchless week. Tuesday and Wednesday I'm visiting Amsterdam with a bunch of 16-year-olds. I expect to come home exhausted Thursday!

April 19, 2010

Houses again and a windmill coming ;)

It seems I'm in the mood for houses, maybe because our house needs to be painted again. Anyway, I finished house number 7 of HOHRH!

In the third onion of Holland Spring I'm heading the windmill. A few stitches to be done, so watch out for my next post :)

Last week I frogged quite a lot of a LHN Design, Home of a Needleworker Too. I started this last year, on our way home from France, where we stayed a two weeks holiday. I like to stitch in the car on long hour drives, bur this time I miscounted, so .... Coming home I threw it into a basket and never looked at it again until last saterday.
DH and I went for an hour drive and it seemed a great idea to frog during the ride. So, yesterday I could stitch again on Home of a Needleworker.

And I finished block 5 of Red Delicious. Quite a productive week, as I may say so LOL

An overview of all blocks on the fabric I plan to use for sashings:

April 11, 2010

This week's progress

It's been a busy week, work is hectic so there's no energy left for complicated projects. My Holland Springtime has to wait until things are back to normal, so HOHRH has a new house under construction. In the afternoon, coming home from work I sat down for an hour or so and started to build the houses on block nr. 7. I decided I want to have it finish by the end of June, so in July and August I can continue my 'summer stitching' that has been waiting for me all winter.

I have two works I concentrate on this summer. The first is the Mary Wigham Sampler, stitched on 40 ct fabric, the second is a design of Ink Circles, Cirque des Carreaux. This is how I left them at the end of summer, 2009.

I spend my evenings stitching on Call of the Raven again. She's been neglected for some time and I want to give her some extra attention. Besides that it is an easy stitch, so I can accomplish some progress without getting exhausted.

I also made a good start on block number 5 of Red Delicious. Fanfare it is called and I have been puzzling and thinking about how to do this all week long. Finally, this afternoon I started and this is how it is now.

April 04, 2010

Houses, houses, houses

Finally I finished house number six this week. It was the black that took me so much time, and I don't like stitching black. I have been thinking about skipping the black, and considered the block finished with only the house in it, but then I was chosing the easiest way. And that just isn't me.
So here it is, house number six at night ;)

Another thing I finished this week is block four of Red Delicious. I stitched the applique with feston stitches and it took quite some time. But I love doing this!