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February 24, 2014

Spring arrives!

A bit early, but she certainly is coming, spring! This week it was warm for the time of the year and the trees on my small terrace are showing they survived winter. I am always happy, seeing these small green tips on the branches.
Yet I have been sitting on the couch (of course I took a break now and then to go for a walk outside), stitching and knitting. That is, in the evening, because I had to go to work during the day. By the way, this week is free from school, vacation!
Call of the Raven is showing some progress again. I now stitch two pages at the same time, from right to left.
My spinning has given me a ball of yarn, 70 grams white merino. I decided to knit a babyhat again. Plain white. 
And there is progress on both other knitting, Canadian Lover and Lighten Up!

February 16, 2014

New York City Found

A strange title, you may think, but it is the name of my last finish. The yarn for this beauty is a gift from my youngest DD. She brought it home to me after her trip to the USA. And as we share such beautiful memories of our week together I was looking for a song about New York. You might know I name my shawls after songtitles ;)
Another picture I promised to show this week is the latest picture of Randje per Week, the series of borders a group of international stitchers is doing.
Last week some dear friends and I went ro a large craft fair. Stitching, Quilting, Knitting, it was all there. And I did buy some beautiful things. I'll show you a picture :)
The next day my livingroom looked like this:
I started right away. this will become another shawl. It is so much fun and relaxing to do! Meet the beginning of Lighten Up!

February 09, 2014

Busy, busy!

On Sunday I take pictures of what I have been doing that last week, stitch related. This Sunday I did too, but I had some help from youngest DD. She brougth her camera, which is way better than mine.
She took some pictures of her quilt-to-be. Not finished yet, but one day it will...
Besides quilting, which I have been doing a lot this week, I have been knitting. My cowl is growing, it is something you can do while looking television. No, I don't look at the Olympic Winter Games, I am not that sportive :(
  My other shawl, New York City Found, is growing too, as you can see.
As it was Sunday today, I also have been stitching on my Randje per Week. I'll show you some pictures next week. And that's not all, there is a new project on the go, a SAL Halloween, started by the AAN Group on Facebook. Pictures next week!

February 02, 2014

A new start

No, not a new shawl or anything, but yes, I made a new start. I created a Facebook page to promote my handknitted lace shawls. I am going to sell them and knit on demand. So if any one is willing to buy a unique handmade shawl from me, just go to my FB page and get in contact! You find it here.
The newest item in the shop is winter Dreams. Finished only last Thursday and I blocked it right away.
A new cowl is on the needles, It's a design of Balleeknits and it is called Trees. As I rename my knitted items, mine is called 'Canadian Lover'. When I was a girl there was a wellknown song in The Netherlands. My mother sang it to us children. It is about a girl, named Trees,  that is so happy to love a Canadian soldier (it was just after the Second World War and  as you might know many Canadian and American soldiers were our heroes! So my Trees is now 'Canadian Lover'.
Beside knitting I have a stitching update for you. The monthly update of Call of the Raven is here. Quite some progress!