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February 24, 2014

Spring arrives!

A bit early, but she certainly is coming, spring! This week it was warm for the time of the year and the trees on my small terrace are showing they survived winter. I am always happy, seeing these small green tips on the branches.
Yet I have been sitting on the couch (of course I took a break now and then to go for a walk outside), stitching and knitting. That is, in the evening, because I had to go to work during the day. By the way, this week is free from school, vacation!
Call of the Raven is showing some progress again. I now stitch two pages at the same time, from right to left.
My spinning has given me a ball of yarn, 70 grams white merino. I decided to knit a babyhat again. Plain white. 
And there is progress on both other knitting, Canadian Lover and Lighten Up!


Giovanna said...

Nice new knitting projects! And great progress on Call, it's so beautiful.

Pauline said...

Wat weer een mooie nieuwe projecten, veel plezier met breien en rustig door prikken aan je Call of the Raven.

Creative Chaos said...

Wat een prachtig blog heb je , Joke !!!
liefs, patti