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April 23, 2009

HOHRH and vacation

Thank you all, dear stitching friends, for your nice comments on my Mystery XI. I am still beading, and it is almost, almost finished! I think I'm going to make it before May 1st, and in that case I reached my goal, and you helped me to reach it, by being such good cheerleaders!
In the meanwhile I have some other things to share. At first a picture of the second price I won at ILCS , stitching a bourse. It was sent to me some weeks ago, but I realized I never put a picture of it in my blog, sorry!

Second a picture of my progress at the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I am stitching this in between, and already way behind on schedual, but in fact I don't care. I will take it with me on vacation next week, so maybe I will catch up a little bit. Anyway, the first house is up!

This will be the last post for more than a week, because we will leave for a week's vacation next saturday. And as you all know, before a woman can leave the house it must be clean and tidy. And I have to pack for the four of us. As I said I will take the HOHRH with me, and my HAED stitching. Maybe something small too, to work on during the car-ride. We rented a little house in Germany, near Trier. We have been there before, and until now I didn't find a needleworkshop, so I have to be prepared well! No stash-buying, and I have to be sure to have everything I need in my stitchingbag.
So, see you girls again at the beginning of May, starting a new month, and a new Chatelaine!

April 12, 2009

Mystery XI stitching part finished!

Yes, this afternoon I finished all the stitching on Mystery XI. All I have to do now is the beading, but I think that is still quite a job ;) Anyhow, I'm happy I am this far. I am a little behind on it, it was supposed to be a year's project, and I started with the group on 2008, January 1st.

These last days, all of a sudden Spring arrived! So I have been working on our terrace, cleaning the cobblestones, washing the windows in- and outside, the garden furniture taken out of the shed and putting in some new geraniums in the hanging baskets. Today I had a lovely afternoon, enjoying the fresh green on my terrace (the little tree is bringing me such pleasure every year!) and doing the last stitches on Mystery XI.

April 05, 2009

Again: Mystery XI and a new start

From last Friday on I have been stitchting mainly on Mystery XI, and I still have some hope I can finish this before the (self chosen) deadline of May 1st. I don't want to concentrate on this one only, because when I get home from work, tired, the HAED stitching is much more comfortable to me. Stitching the Mystery XI means I have to keep concentrated, and after a day's work I sometimes find it hard to do.

So, apart from the Mystery, there is also some progress on Vibrant Vista, and this afternoon I decided to make a fresh start on a brand new design by Ink Circles, Cirque des Carreaux. I will stitch this on Sudden Storm, 32ct Belfast, by Silkweaver, using Carrie's Threads, Epiphany. The chart indicated this threads, and I think it is stunning, so I decided not to look for any other, but to order the chart, including the threads.