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September 29, 2013

Update on Plantation Sampler, knitting and sewing

This week I have been using my spare time (surprise, surprise) for stitching, knitting and sewing.
My Plantation Samplers border is finished. I love it, it looks already like a real sampler.
Now it is time to add letters and a saying. I love that!
Last week I started a mystery KAL from Renee Leverington. I received part two last Sunday and I try to keep on track, so I knitted part two this week. Its name is California Dreamin'.
Part one, showing the original colour. 
Part two is a bit lighter than it really is. Due to some sunny days!
And I have been sewing a new purse. This is such fun, it only takes one afternoon to make a purse like this. And so I have projects bags for my knitting, a purse for sewing accessories, another one can be used for ..., well name it and you can use this purse for!

September 22, 2013

Remember this? And another purse

Remember this? The hands spread to show the pattern?
I lost interest and so this shawl-to-be was hidden next to the couch. But once and a while I noticed it laying there and all of a sudden I decided to have it a finish this year! Last friday I ran out of yarn, only six (!!) needles to go. Lucky me I can re-order the yarn, but the shipping cost are equal to the price of the yarn. So I have to wait until October 12th when the seller is going to visit the Brei- en Haakdagen. There I can pick it up and all I pay is the price of the yarn. Next decision is what to do with the left over 300 m or so ...

It was so much fun to sew, that I decided to make another purse. There will be more, so I ordered some more frames.

September 15, 2013

Plantation Sampler and sewing

Life is coming to normal again and so I had renewed energy to stitch and sew.
My Plantation Sampler has a nice border now, not completely finished, but I can see quite some progress.
So is my sewing. Since quite some time I was planning to make a framed sewing purse. I had ordered the frame long before summer holidays, but my head wasn't clear enough to start this little project. Some weekends ago I cut the fabric, and this weekend I found myself behind my sewing machine. I think it's an adorable purse and I ordered some more frames today. 

September 09, 2013

Bloghop Pin It!!

This must be the greatest blogpost ever! I wrote it two times, wanted to schedule and then hit the wrong button and everything was gone! Maybe it was the excitement of being involved in this fun bloghop, made possible by the great Mdm Samm of Sew we quilt and our cheerleader Kirsten of Meadowbrook.
As a needleworker you can never have enough pincushions, I bet you have them everywhere in your home. So do I. In the past years I made several, for me, for fun or for an exchange. I start showing you some of the ones I made before.
This one is added to the lid of a sewingbox, which I take with me when I attend a needlework related class.
And these are biscornu's, do you know the shape? They are so easy to make and they come in all sizes from very small to rather big. I myself prefer the smaller ones.
And then needlerolls. I think they belong here too, because you use them to keep your needles and pins, so in fact they are pincushions, aren't they?
You also have enlarged pincushions like this one.
Well, enough about that, now on to what you came here for, the newly made pincushions! I started with a simple pattern. DH and I love to go to Germany on our vacations and they do have nice quiltshops in Germany. In one of those shops I bought the pattern of a hen. I made four of them.
After that I got the feeling I got closer to my sewing machine. I don't know what it is between us. We are on speaking terms, so to say and only after several hours of being together I slowly get the feeling we might be friends one day ...
So when I got this feeling I had the courage to sew this pincushion. I think it's a nice one, it also holds your threads, so when you are up to do some quilting you can grab this pincushion and everything you need is there.
Thank you for visiting me, also thanks for your patience with me, giving you a history lesson about pincushions LOL
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September 08, 2013

Upcoming bloghop Pin It

Trying to look for something to share with you it comes into my mind that I don't have many progress to show. I have been knitting, stitchting and sewing, but as I said, there is little progress to show.

I can make an announcement though. I am involved in another bloghop. It starts next Tuesday and it is all about Pincushions. It is hosted by the famous Mdm Samm and Kirsten. Here is the schedule. Come and join the fun next Tuesday!

September 10

September 16

September 01, 2013

Not only knitting ....

It looks like knitting is the only thing I do. I admit, I knit a lot, but in between two shawls I also do some stitching. Here is Plantation Sampler, with two added trees and a part of the guirlande on the side.
And my Call of the Raven. I added at least 1000 stitches since last time, I think. But a finish is still far, far away!
During my vacation another shawl is started, Brittannia. Blue, like the waves ;)