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December 31, 2014

Looking back to 2014

This year has been a good year for me. My family had no health issues, work was going great, I had fun with friends and family and there was enough time to stitch and knit.
To give you an overview of my personal life this last year:
And of course I give you an overview of my knitting and stitching.
The latest finished project is a year's work. Every sunday, or at least almost every Sunday I stitched some borders of Randje per Week. Yesterday I finished the last border. A new project is waiting for me, but I'll tell you more about that next year. Here are my borders. Don't pay attention to my voice. I just tell in Dutch what I told you :)
2014 is at its end and I wish you all a happy, prosperous and creative 2015!

November 30, 2014

Back to normal

Luckily things are getting back to normal. After a week filled with uncommon things I find myself again, doing the things I always do. Just do my job, knit and stitch.
There are two shawls in progress and a finish.
Let's start with the finish, as I am very happy with this particular one. I brought the yarn from New York, over a year ago. And now I knitted a lovely shawl, New York Lullaby. The original pattern is Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander.
Then there is Silja Line. This is a knit for the indie dyer of the yarn. The pattern is Marjamets Shawl by Kadr's Stitching. The colours are more speaking, a bit darker. But as I took pictures inside (it was cold outside!) the pictures don't do this beautiful yarn right.
Another knit is Sing. pattern is Cascade Lace Blend Shoulder Cowl by Colinton Australia Exclusi ve. I am knitting this for a friend and colleague and I hope to have it finished by Christmas. The picture isn't very good, but wait until you see it next time!
And I added some borders this week. You can see it's almost the end of this project. 

November 23, 2014

A little bit famous at my little corner of the world :)

I haven't been writing a blogpost for more than two weeks again! And again, I only have the excuse that I have been too busy. I can almost hear you ask: 'What important things are going on then?' Well, can I brag a little?  I have won a prize. Workrelated that is. I know there are many readers among you and the exception proves the rule and all that .... let me tell you about it.

There is a prize for the best reading environment of The Netherlands. It is meant for school libraries and me, being a school librarion won it! And I got it out of the hands of Aidan Chambers, you might know him. so I am a little bit proud ...
As this was really exciting and so were the days after (local newpaper and local television visited my school) I decided to put both my feet on the ground again. In a new pair of socks, that is.
And knitting those socks gave me such a good feeling that I kept on knitting. Here is my New York Lullaby.
I also started a new shawl. this one is meant to be an example for the seller of the yarn. 
And today was a day for stitching borders. I almost catched up. I'm only three borders behind, this weeks borders included.

November 09, 2014

Quilting again ...

In one of the groups I am involved in (I find the the most precious friends in that group) we are running an UFO project. We picked an UnFinished Object and commited ourselves to work on that object until it is finished. We post an update every 10th of every month. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, but we all try to have an update each month.

I am working on my big quilt, the one that is going to be on my bed, once... You already might know I am talking about Baltimore Bliss. There are 25 blocks and today I finished block 17. Eight to go. It might be a finish next year!

As you can see, every block is repeated in a white block.
And of course I have been knitting. My newest shawl is now like this. This picture doesn't show its colour, it's more blue instead of grey.

November 02, 2014

Lazy blogger?

Have I been a lazy blogger last weeks? I don't think so, at least, I wasn't lazy. But yes, I did post irregular. I used to post once a week, Mostly in weekends, but there has been a lot on my mind, so I simply forgot!
But now I am catching up. I have been spinning on my spinning wheel and a lovely skein is a fact. Not enough to start a knitting project yet, so I have to spin another skein this winter. Meet Running Mouse:
My Border a Week project is almost done. Only eight, nine weeks until Christmas? Okay, I admit, I am two weeks behind, but I'll catch up this week (I hope).
A new shawl is finished too. The Stroll That Stole My Heart, a lovely pattern of Sweaterbabe.
Now there is a finish again, you won't be surprised that other projects are started today. There was a lovely blue skein that screamed for attention, so I casted on New York Lullaby, pattern is Nurmulintu by Heidi Alander.
And a combination of two skeins were calling out my name when I visited a wool event last weekend. I think I will cast on tonight :)

October 10, 2014


Besides knittin and stitching I am quilten from time to time. Amnd one of the things that is a project for years is my king size bedquilt, Baltimore Bliss.
This week I have been quilting until my fingertips were sore. The result: two blocks done! Only nine to go ;)

October 05, 2014

Never enough ;)

As you all said, a woman can have never enough shawls. So I am just knitting on ;-)
I finished Ruffled Feathers this week. It is now washed and blocking, so more pictures next week. But ahead of those here are some pictures of the unblocked shawl.
There is another one I didn't show. It's was a gift for a friend, so I couldn't show before. here is Långstrump.
To compensate all the  knitting I did some blue stitching. My borders from Randje per Week are almost up to date. I am a week behind, but I'll catch up during my vacation that starts end of the week. Yeah!!