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January 30, 2011

A BIG thank you

Thank you all for your useful comments on my blog and groups! I asked for your opinion on block 4 of My Garden and I got some good advice. I have been tossing it around and around in my head and last night I decided to rip out the orange parts and replace them. So here is the result, block four of My Garden. I really think it fits in better.

Holland Springtime needed some attention too . I promised myself I want it to be finished in Mai 2011, is it realistic? I don't know, we will see.

And I prepared block one of My Tweets. The colours are quite different , but that's what I like ;) Now all I have to do is stitch it.

Also stitched on an ornament for the HoE. I finished it today, but no picture for obvious reasons. And I have done some quilting on Red Delicious, I am halfway now, I want this to be done before summer.

And last but not least I added my 1000 stitches to Call of the Raven this week Looking at this it seems I had a busy week, but it really felt like normal ;)

January 23, 2011

Foregone, My Garden and a new project

This week I finally finished page three of Foregone and I am so proud of it! It has been a long way to reach this point , it was confetti stitching and only confetti stitching!
But stitching her comforts me with my own grey hair ;)

The fourth block of My Garden is also finished. I am not quite satisfied with this, I have doubts about the bulb beneath the orange flower and about the leaves too .... Maybe I am going to do this block again. If you want to help me with some advice, please!

And a new start! I showed the cobalt blue fabric last week and I went shopping for some fabrics to use on My Tweets at my local quiltshop. I added some fabrics of my stash and here is the very first beginning of My Tweets!

January 16, 2011

Small finish, a girly day and a third flower

It's a great combination, stitching and quilting. I enjoy the variety between both and I try to do some stitching as well as some quilting every day. The first quilting stitches on Baltimore Bliss are done and so is the third block of My Garden. Together they look like this:

The back

And, obviously, the front ;)

And there is the first finish of the year, LHN Winter Sheep.

Yesterday I met some quiltfriends again and as always we had fun! We laughed, talked and went to visit some quiltshops. A girly day! Of course I spent my pocket money (even more than that) on background fabric for some new projects. The black fabric is meant for Fiesta, the new BOM at Fatcat Designs. I am planning to do it in this colour combination, although I might change some of the colours. Just have to look what I've got in my stash.

The blue is meant to be the background fabric for the new BOM My Tweets. Erin Russek is giving us this beauty! I am going to change some colours to make it fit in with the blue.

I'm going to use the other FQ's in My Garden, but I have second thoughts about the red ones. Well, I'll just wait and see ;)

January 09, 2011

Quilt sandwiched and a new start :)

Last Saturday my friend and I did a perfect job: we sandwiched my quilt, the old-fashioned way. We spread it out on the floor, and then crawled over it to thread it. It took all day, we only allowed us to have a break at lunch. A back breaking job, so today I feel like the Princess and the Pea, "my whole body is black and blue this morning" LOL. Every time I turned myself on the other side tonight I felt my knees and hips hurt. But it was worthwhile! We had a great day together and my quilt is sandwiched! The picture is a bit dark, but I'm the one on the left and as you can see we are almost done here. On the second picture notice we are exhausted!

As I finished the top of Baltimore Bliss I allowed myself to make a start on the beauty I showed you before, this beautiful design of Kim Mclean: My Garden. Of course I choose my own colours and I decided from the beginning to do it on black.

I finished two blocks this week.