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August 29, 2010

It's been almost two weeks!

It's been almost two weeks since my last blogpost. I have been terrible busy with (mostly) very important things like visiting quiltfriends, taking care of computeritems (yes, my computer is reapaired, I have a new (secondhand) screen and I am online again) and visiting quiltshops all over the country for fun and stashbuilding.
Speaking about quilting: there are five blocks finished of Baltimore Bliss.

Of course I have been stitching too, Foregone is growing slowly, and Call of the Raven does also.

DH and I went to Breda, four hours by train from here. We had a lovely, sunny day and met one of my quiltfriends, Chrissie.

Last Thursday another quiltfriend and I went to visit Tineke. We had a wonderful time showing and admiring stitching and quiltwork. In fact, we were so busy talking, showing, looking, that we forgot to take pictures!

As I am supposed to start work again tomorrow I thought I might as well take advantage of the last days of summer, so yesterday I went to Deventer and Zutphen. Both places have a lovely quiltshop and in Zutphen I also met Jacqueline, we had a great day!

Last month Kaffe Fassett visited Deventer for teaching about patchwork and giving soms lectures. As you can see there's a lovely quilt in his style hanging outside the Quiltshop. I couldn't help myself buying these lovely FQ's.

Now, unfortunately, fun is over, tomorrow real life is starting again. There's a job to be done but I hardly can wait until next summer!

August 16, 2010

Bird Exchange landed

This week was a week of computer problems. Every time I thought I had things solved, another problem became clear. It started with the router that broke down. Guarantee wasn't over yet, so we went to the shop. The router we needed wasn't in stock, so we got a router for the time being.

Then I found out my wireless computer couldn't get the signal from the router. So I went to the shop to buy me 30 meters of wire, to get my computer wired to the router.

Next day my computer broke down. I thought it could be a virus, so I send it into repair. This afternoon it came back, all fixed. But then my flatscreen turned black and stayed that way. Luckily I had another screen ready for trash, so now I'm using it for a while. I hope I will get a new screen next week.

On to stitching stuff. Today I noticed Cindy received my For the Bird's Exchange from HoE. I'm happy she likes it and now I can show it to the world :) I stitched Watermelon, a design by LHN and turned it into a needlebook.

Apart from computertime I also had enough stitching time this week. So I did quite a bit stitching on Foregeone. Finally I am stitching something else than brown! At the left side there are some stitches in light grey, showing the lady's hair is about to be stitched.

I also finished block 2 of Baltimore Bliss.

I prepared block 3, for tomorrow DD and I are going to visit Rotterdam, three hours by train. I plan to take Baltimore Bliss with me.

August 09, 2010

An exchange, a new block and holidays aren't over yet

First of all I want to welcome my latest follower Deborah, she is number 100! I really feel honoured for so many of you read my blog and follow my stitching life. I always enjoy your nice comments, thank you all!

Life is getting normal again. DH's holidays are over, DS and DD are busy working too (they earn some money doing vacation jobs). My holidays aren't over yet, so I enjoy a good swim in the morning, do some extra cleaning in the house and spend most of my time stitching and reading. I love this life!

This week I received a 'For the Birds Exchange' from
Carol from the HoE board. She stitched me an exquisite needlecase, Bluebird Needlebook by Blackbird Designs. Carol does excellent stitching and I appreciate her work very much.

I have been busy quilting this week. I finished the first block of My Garden, a new BOM designed by Lynette Anderson.

I also have been preparing block number two of Baltimore Bliss and I am ready to add feston stitches now. It's fun and easy to do, I hope to finish this block before the end of the month.

In the evenings I am stitching on Foregone, but as there are only browns in the part I am stitching, a picture lacks this post until I reach a more colourful area. I can show a picture of Call of the Raven. There's some progress on that one too. Sorry for the fold in the middle, ironing isn't my hobby LOL

August 03, 2010

How much can you stitch in Vienna?

To answer the question : quite a lot. That is, if you can stitch in the car, anywere, anytime! We had a two-day-car-drive to Vienna and as DH is driving the car, I only have to sit and stitch. And so I did ... I prepared the first block of Baltimore Bliss before we took off and I it was finished by the time we were home again.

Of course we did a lot of other things. We visited Vienna almost daily and although the first week of our vacation it was acrually too hot, we managed to see most of Vienna's highlights! Think of Schönbrunn, The Belvedere, the Hundertwasserhouse, Stephansdom, Kahlenberg, where you have a magnificent view over Vienna, the Naschmarkt, a unique mixture of Austrian traditions and oriental influences.
Need I say more? Of course we took lots of pictures, and for those of you who are interested, look here.

In the evening we had a cosy little house of our own, we read (the four of us took about 30 books and they are all read in two weeks!) played games and stitched.
Time to show my finishes. At first there is a little one for a Bird's Exchange. No picture of course. Second, there is LHN Snowy Pines. I don't finish the ornaments, as I plan to make a quilt out of them.

Third there is LHN Red House in Winter.

Then I managed to finish page six of Foregone by HAED.

I also did a little stitchery, the first block of a new BOM of Lynette Anderson, My Garden.

And then there is my first Block of Baltimore Bliss.

For those of you who want to see some Vienna in this post, I put some pictures here. Enjoy, and if you ever have the possibility to visit Vienna, go and enjoy this wonderful Old Lady. She has dignity and is worth every minute you spend with her!