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August 16, 2010

Bird Exchange landed

This week was a week of computer problems. Every time I thought I had things solved, another problem became clear. It started with the router that broke down. Guarantee wasn't over yet, so we went to the shop. The router we needed wasn't in stock, so we got a router for the time being.

Then I found out my wireless computer couldn't get the signal from the router. So I went to the shop to buy me 30 meters of wire, to get my computer wired to the router.

Next day my computer broke down. I thought it could be a virus, so I send it into repair. This afternoon it came back, all fixed. But then my flatscreen turned black and stayed that way. Luckily I had another screen ready for trash, so now I'm using it for a while. I hope I will get a new screen next week.

On to stitching stuff. Today I noticed Cindy received my For the Bird's Exchange from HoE. I'm happy she likes it and now I can show it to the world :) I stitched Watermelon, a design by LHN and turned it into a needlebook.

Apart from computertime I also had enough stitching time this week. So I did quite a bit stitching on Foregeone. Finally I am stitching something else than brown! At the left side there are some stitches in light grey, showing the lady's hair is about to be stitched.

I also finished block 2 of Baltimore Bliss.

I prepared block 3, for tomorrow DD and I are going to visit Rotterdam, three hours by train. I plan to take Baltimore Bliss with me.


Deborah said...

Great pattern made into a lovely neelebook. She will love it.

Chrissie said...

First of all, I wish you a fantastic day with youre daughter tomorrow.
What a bad luck with the computer, I hope it is over now!!!
Youre needlebook is very nice, of course Cindy liked it,
it is beautiful.
The Foregeone and the BB block are very lovely.
Hugs Chrissie

Christine said...

Computers problems can be so frustrating!
The needlebook is beautiful.

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely stitching! Hope the computer problems are taken care of soon!