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July 14, 2010

Holland Springtime in Summer

Temperatures have been very high last week. It is almost too hot even to sit down and stitch. Yet I finished the last 'onion' of Holland Springtime. A lovely lighthouse appeared.

Some time ago I joined a German Quilt Forum and I have been sewing my first blocks of the Forumsampler we are going to sew. There are some other Dutch girls involved too and it will be a large project, it will keep us busy for almost two years.
The first two blocks are done, here they are.

This Friday me and my family leave for summer holidays. We are going to visit Vienna, we rented a lovely house there and the family and I are looking forward to explore this beautiful city.
Of course there is some stitching travelling along. I kitted up a lovely Mirabilia, Christmas Flourishes. I also take a little one with me, meant as an exchange. And I prepared a new applique block. The first of twelve, together it will be Baltimore Bliss by FatCat Patterns. I love to do this kind of stitching on long rides and to Vienna it will be a two-days-ride.

Besides all this one (or maybe two) of my HAEDs is accompanying me. And of course there is a pile of books waiting to be read. Maybe we better stay home LOL. See y´all after July 31st!

July 05, 2010

A purple Red Delicious

Thank you all for your lovely comments on the finishing of HOHRH. I enjoyed reading all of them!

Much faster than I expected I finished my first quilttop, Red Delicious. I started in January and you have seen the variety of blocks come by on my blog. My summerholidays started last week and I had plenty of time to assemble the top this week. This morning I finished the border and now it is sandwiched and ready to quilt! I am so excited about it, and apart from some minor things I am really satisfied with the way it turned out.

There's a little stitched item finished too, Pear Tree from LHN. I did finish the stitching, but decided not to tinish it as an ornament. I think I'll stitch up the other eleven ornaments of this series and get them into a quilt at the end.