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December 31, 2010

Finished before the end of 2010!!

So last post wasn't really last post! Yesterday I managed to finish the top of my Baltimore Bliss Quilt. In order to make it into a kingsize bedquilt I added white blocks. I am going to quilt those white blocks in a coordinating pattern, but I haven't decided yet how. I think I will follow the original blocks, but I have to figure out how to bring th pattern on to the fabric. Now, without further ado, here issss ..... Baltimore Bliss!!

Only thing left for this year is wishing all my visitors a happy, healthy, wonderful 2011! Stay safe and warm and see you next year :)

December 27, 2010

Last post 2010?

Did you all have a Merry Christmas? I hope so, our family did have a good time with the traditional walk in the woods and the traditional dinner together. Now for a few days back to normal until we're heading to New Year's Eve.

This will be probably the last post of 2011 and I have something to show again. A small one, but a finish! The Raven's Roost by The Goode Huswife. I already added it to my list of Up for a Challenge, but last week it just stitched so quickly that I could finish it this morning.

Most of my stitching time I spent on my Baltimore Bliss. I managed to finish all the blocks now and last Friday I went shopping for some fabric for borders and sashings. I hope to assemble the top before the end of the year.

December 20, 2010

Holland Springtime, Baltimore and möbius

Two weeks holidays! Yeah!! I spent my day well, I finished block 10 of the Baltimore, a möbiusscarf is finished and I have some progress on Holland Springtime.

Block 10 of Baltimore Bliss, two more to go, before I can go shopping for fabrics for the sashings, border and the backing.

As it is cold and snowy weather I didn't feel the need to go outside, even the picture of a little blackbird is taken from my livingroom ;)

The möbius is a simple quick crocheted one. It is finished in a few hours and I can do this anywhere, even behind my computer, strolling the web for blogs to read :)

And another crocheted scarf just made in one hour, even quicker than the möbius!

December 15, 2010

Today ...

I will meet the 10.000th visitor on my blog within a year! I want to thank all my visitors for reading my whereabouts and looking at my pictures. And of course a big thank you to all the visitors who left a comment! I read them with joy and without your response I wouldn't have been blogging with so much pleasure. Thank you!

December 12, 2010

Finished scarf

Did I tell you last time it was winter? Well, it was! We had snow, cold, and slippery weather. And I fell off my bike! Trying to avoid a confrontation with a lady who crossed the street unexpectedly I fell down on my knees. No, not for admiration of the lady LOL. It hurt that much that the day after I went to the hospital to have an x-ray taken. Lucky me, my knee is not broken.

Because I couldn't go dancing this week, I sat down to knit after work. My scarf is ready! Now it is pinned flat to shapen it and tomorrow I can wear it :)

December 05, 2010


Wow, it is really winter! This week all of a sudden there was a cold wind, making me long for hot chocolate and warm woollen scarfs. So, apart from stitching on my Chatelaine Holland Springtime ...

... I made a moebius scarf. And what is more, I crocheted this one! I think the last time I did some crocheting was in my childhood. Proving my device: "whatever you learn, it is yours forever!"

I am looking quite concentrated, but did you ever try to take a picture of yourself in the mirror without showing the camera? And without your pair of glasses, which you wear all the time?

I also did some quilting on my Red Delicious. Things are going slow but steady :)

November 28, 2010

Quilting and some stitching

Fingers sore and only one block done ... But I am satisfied with the result! My Red Delicious, becomes even more delicious.

There's also block nine of Baltimore Bliss. I finished it this week and only three to go!

About my new challenge I showed last week, as I am only starting in 2011, January, nothing is sure. But one thing is: I am doing this wonderful quilt on black. I love the way colours 'pop' on black. Here is a picture of the fabrics I am going to work with. I might add something, I might skip something, but probably this is it!

I also did some stitching on Call of the Raven. I'm almost done finishing another page.

Yesterday a friend came to visit my place and we had a great day. Talking, laughing and a visit at our local quiltshop. She made me this lovely purse to fill with paper handkerchiefs. Those little fish bring happiness, she said. she is right, Chinese believe it too ;)

At the shop I managed to throw on the floor two containers filled with fabrics ... Luckily the owner didn't interfere and let me be ...

November 22, 2010

New challenge!

Last week a beautiful pattern arrived at my house. It's the newest design of Kim Mclean, Flower Garden. From the moment I saw it I knew: this is something I must do! I am going to try needleturn on this one, but I don't start until 2011, probably January.

Of course I did stitch this week, although I have to confess it's difficult no to dwell around the web for fabrics for this beauty!

My Call of the Raven has quite some progress, but as it was too dark outside to get a decent picture I will add one tomorrow. The same for Holland Springtime.

And I had a lovely trip to Zutphen, together with two quiltfriends we visited the quiltshop of Petra Prins and had q great time, looking, chatting, laughing, longing for time ... time to get everything done what we want! And there was this wonderful quilt 'Phebe'.

November 14, 2010

Tapestry with Japanese scene

Not only work, also sew-related it was a busy week (do you hear something different, or is every week a busy week?). Yet I don't have anything to show you! I tried to do a small design, but it turned out to be even more work than doing a big one, so there's hardly anything to show. Besides that I have been sewing and doing some applique for a friend meant to be given on Sinterklaas. Remember Sinterklaas?

Last week I received something beautiful. A friend told me she bought a tapestry and planned to use the cloth for sewing. She showed a picture and I almost fell of my chair! She couldn't seriously cut this into pieces! So I tried to convince her not to and lucky me, she listened and told me I could buy the tapestry.

Look at this:

The colours seem to be faded and I think it is made for the European market, back in the sixties perhaps? If anyone of you knows more, please tell me!

October 31, 2010

Holiday's progress

Holidays are over again , so tomorrow duty calls! I wish we could survive without jobs, life would be much easier, at least I would have plenty of time to stitch and quilt. But no complaining, I know I am lucky to have a job!

Last week DH and I went on a trip to Germany, near Trier. We had a wonderful time, the weather was like it should be in autumn: dry, sunny, some clouds now and then and even some fog. We visited Trier, Koblenz and made a great tour along the river Moselle (Moezel). The area is known for the steep slopes of the region's vineyards overlooking the river. And all in beautiful autumn colours, we were blessed to be able to go there!

Before we left for Germany I finished a tile of Holland Springtime.

Also in Germany the evenings were for stitching and I managed to do quite some stitches. At first block eight of Baltimore Bliss.

Also two blocks of My Garden.

And quite some progress on Call of the Raven.

October 24, 2010

Yeah!! Autumn holidays and progress

Finally we have a week's holiday! I have been looking forward to it since a few weeks, we had enough trouble last weeks on our jobs, DH and I. Thank you all for your sweet words, I'm glad to know you care!
Next week we are going to spend in a cottage near Trier, Germany. Of course I'll show you pictures after we come back.

But for now I have some progress to show. You do remember Holland springtime? Friday I discovered I did quite some stitches a totally wrong colour so I had to frog .... But now I can show you some progress on it. The first picture below is how it is now and right under that is the picture with the lighter blue. See the difference? I like it even better now!

Foregone is coming along nicely. The lady's face is about to be stitched, maybe next time ...

Block one of The Village of Hawk Run Hollow is also finished. I don't think I'm going to stitch a block a month, but then, you never know, sometimes I even surprise myself LOL

And I finished block number 7 of my Baltimore blocks. There are 12 blocks, but maybe I'll do some more, because I planned them on our kingsize bed.