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July 31, 2008


Outside it is too hot to do anything, but sit and stitch. Inside the house is isn't much better, and I notice I don't feel comfortable at warm days. Besides that I'm not allowed to catch the sunlight on my face, due to actinic keratose, a little spot on my face, that is over exposed to sunlight and, untreated, might become skincancer. And that means I can't go for a swim, something I really like. I just have to wait until a clouded day, and I'm sure, I'm off to the swimming pool!

I am anxious to hear from Carol. I sent her a Birthday exchange almost a month ago (I was so afraid she wouldn't get in in time) and I know she has been waiting to unpack it. But today is her birthday, and of course she is busy with friends and family, and can't spend any time to blog, but .... I'm just so curious about what she thinks of my presents!

I have been stithing a lot today. I have to catch up with Chatelaine Designs, Mystery XI. I am far behind, but this morning I could start with part 6 (June).

I have been working on a Crazy Exchange. I want to do two small ones, and one of them is almost ready. And I have been busy with my Matchbox Swap, also an idea from the Crazy Exchange. You get a large matchbox, pimp it, and fill it with small goodies and send it to your exchange-partner. I did one already, but I'm not quite satified, so I decided to do another one.

Also stitched is a Small Santa Exchange, from the PrairieSchoolerfans (Yahoo-group). I only have to finish it, but it has to be send out August 30, so plenty of time to do that.

July 26, 2008


Wow, am I proud of myself! I finished my WIP Celtic Butterfly! All morning I stitched like crazy, and I finished it at 13.00 h. I washed it, hanged it to dry, and after that ironed it. Jumped into the car to go to my LNS where I left it to be framed, and was at home again at 16.30 h.

To give some more information: I started this WIP July 16th, 2007. I didn't work on it during winter months, because the light wasn't well enough to work on it. April 2008 I decided to work on it again. It is a design of Heaven and Earth designs, QS Celtic Butterfly I. Stitched one over one. Designsize 185 x 126, 91 colors.

Another thing to show is the Crazy Exchange I stitched for Stephanie, and she let me know she received it this morning, so now I can show pictures. I sent her a needleroll by Shepherd's Bush, Shepherd's Roll. I just love stitching them, I think I will stitch it for myself too, some day!

July 25, 2008

Finishing skills and art

It has been quite a productive week, and I'm very happy I am able to show some finished things, and most important to me, I am quite satisfied about the finishing. Although I doubted myself (too much, I am told) I now can see they approved a lot since I started stitching. As a matter of fact, I can say I am proud of myself, finishing the most cutest little biscornu (2,8 x 2,8 inch) I've ever seen (I haven't seen that much, but does that matter?).

I stitched it during holidays and I didn't stitch the back. So I had to do the backside with a matching piece of cotton, which I found at a local Quilt Shop. I didn't even know we had such a shop in Groningen, but a few weeks ago, visiting another shop, I asked for smaller pieces of fabric, the woman who helped me out told me the name of this Quilt Shop.

Last tuesday I went there for a visit, and I was thrilled. So many colors, so much choice. I couldn't control myself and bought a lot. But so lovely and colourful! Two of the pieces I could use immediately, one to finish the biscornu a freebie from Aurelle,

the other to finish my first pinkeep!
Lizzie Kate, Hop Squared, I stitched during holidays too, is now turned into a lovely pinkeep. I never thought I could do that. This afternoon I went to the market to get a little green ribbon to finish it, and here it is.
Not everything I did this week was stitched-related. I also visited Groninger Museum, where they have some great exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art and Ancient Bronzes. As some of you might know, I am a China-adept (not political). I love its language, its culture, its arts and its people.

As I didn't buy the catalogus (too expensive) I took some pictures.

Shi Jinsong
Short Pine Trees, 2007

Chi Peng
Five Elements Mountain, 2007

Fang Lijun
Series 2 No.2, 1991-1992
Oil on canvas
For those who are interested some more pictures (not mine).

July 20, 2008

Holiday stitching affairs

It's too early to rise, but I awoke and it seems I don't fall asleep again, at least not in a moment. So what is a better time to update my blog?

First of all, I was sooooo happy to read Carol received my gifts. I was her partner in a Birthday Exchange, and I received a Crazy Exchange from her a few weeks ago, so I stitched something in return.All I can show at the moment is the CE, since her birthday is about a few weeks. I sent it off early, because I didn't want to take the risk she wouldn't receive it in time.

This is what I stitched for her:
I forgot to take a picture of the goodies I sent, but luckily, Carol did, so I think it's okay with her I use hers.Last two weeks in Czech Republic I had plenty of time to stitch. I finished a CE that I can't show of course until the receiver has got it. Besides that I stitched a biscornu, only have to finish it, because I didn't have fabric for the back side.

I also finished a little design of Lizzie Kate, Snippet #78 Hop Squared. Luckily I could buy a piece of fabric it was originally designed on, and I have plenty of the fabric left,so maybe I will stitch it again, to give away. Of course I have to do the finishing, I think I will turn it into a pinkeep.

I made a start with Periwinkle Design, I Love Letters Needlebook.

And I made good progress on my WIP, a design of Heaven and Earth Designs, Celtic Butterfly. I think I can finish it this summer, before duty calls again ;)

As always I took too much with me, but you never now what you are willing to do, isn't it? So the things I brought but didn't start or finish are now future plans, waiting for their turn to become WIPS ;)

Back home

Back down to earth after two weeks holidays in Czech Republic, Trebnuska, a small village about 60 kilometers from Prague. Two weeks of no television, no telephone, no computer, no papers (we don't read Czech language). Only me, my family and my stitching works :)
And books of course, most of our luggage is the pile of books ;) We all love reading, not strange in a family of librarians (my DH is librarian too, although he is without job at the moment).
Our holiday was great, sun, rainy, cold and heat, we got it all, sometimes on the same time ;) I've got some beautiful rainbows to show to you.

Besides reading and stitching we did some other things of course. Just to give you all an impression of a beautiful country, I'll show some pictures of its nature.

And of course we visited Prague, a beautiful city, but more tourists than we like, but who are we to complain, being tourists ourselves?

More pictures? Look at :

July 03, 2008

Exchanges sent

Just went to the postoffice to return soaked wet. It was quite warm and humid all day, and all of a sudden it rained cats and dogs. I went home by bike, my shoes in my bag, for I feared they would be totally spoilt when I was going to wear them in that shower. You know, I love shoes, and of course, shoes are ment to protect you from cold and rain, but I also like to protect my shoes ;)

At the postoffice I sent my first packages ever abroad. Imagine, 51 years old, and never sent a package abroad, another new experience in the world of crossstitch I am living in. It is quite exciting, and I know my finishing skills are not too good, but I had fun stithing them and I hope the one who gets it can feel all the kindness I put in those little gifts.
In about two days me and my family are going on holidays to Czech Republic. We are looking forward to it, and I hope we can enjoy Czech nature. Of course we will visit Prague, it must be a wonderful city, which a rich culture. Of course I will share pictures when we return, maybe I can show a lot of finished stitchings too.

I am taking with me in my stitching bag:

A biscornu pattern from Sablaise (freebie)

Something for an Autumn exchange (can't show)
Something for a Crazy exchange (can't show either)
My WIP Celtic Butterfly
Lizzie Kate - Hop Squared

Periwinkle Promises - I Love Letters Needle Book

Marnic designs - Mother's Day (Garden Gate Series)
I wonder when (and if) I'm going to stitch all that, but I rather take too much than too less with me , in case there might be no chance to visit a needlework shop!