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July 26, 2008


Wow, am I proud of myself! I finished my WIP Celtic Butterfly! All morning I stitched like crazy, and I finished it at 13.00 h. I washed it, hanged it to dry, and after that ironed it. Jumped into the car to go to my LNS where I left it to be framed, and was at home again at 16.30 h.

To give some more information: I started this WIP July 16th, 2007. I didn't work on it during winter months, because the light wasn't well enough to work on it. April 2008 I decided to work on it again. It is a design of Heaven and Earth designs, QS Celtic Butterfly I. Stitched one over one. Designsize 185 x 126, 91 colors.

Another thing to show is the Crazy Exchange I stitched for Stephanie, and she let me know she received it this morning, so now I can show pictures. I sent her a needleroll by Shepherd's Bush, Shepherd's Roll. I just love stitching them, I think I will stitch it for myself too, some day!

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Fatema ( SL ) said...

Wow Celtic Butterfly is lovely.
What fabric did you use for it?
Belated congrats on finishing it.