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July 20, 2008

Back home

Back down to earth after two weeks holidays in Czech Republic, Trebnuska, a small village about 60 kilometers from Prague. Two weeks of no television, no telephone, no computer, no papers (we don't read Czech language). Only me, my family and my stitching works :)
And books of course, most of our luggage is the pile of books ;) We all love reading, not strange in a family of librarians (my DH is librarian too, although he is without job at the moment).
Our holiday was great, sun, rainy, cold and heat, we got it all, sometimes on the same time ;) I've got some beautiful rainbows to show to you.

Besides reading and stitching we did some other things of course. Just to give you all an impression of a beautiful country, I'll show some pictures of its nature.

And of course we visited Prague, a beautiful city, but more tourists than we like, but who are we to complain, being tourists ourselves?

More pictures? Look at :


Annemiek said...

Glad to see you had such a great time Joke. Are we going to see a "stitching" update as well?

Joke said...

Yes, Annemiek, I am working on that :)In a minute...

Janaina said...

Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing! =)