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September 27, 2009

Sunday again

These past few weeks it looks like I've only been able to post an update at the weekend. I suppose thats reality of life. The other days are filled with work, family, family, work, stitching, watching tv while stitching and of course eat, sleep and the obligated household tasks.

So here's a weekend update again! Most of my time I have been stitching on a gift. It's quite a large project and it has to be finished by November 1st. I think I can do it, but I have to give it high priority.

Last week Carol let me know she received my PIF, so two of them arrived at their new homes now. Being hooked to stitching over one
lately, I stitched Carol a cute little flosstag. The design is a Prairie Schooler, Pins & Needles.

Today I spent my time doing some applique work and patching for the Kittens Tale. I managed to finish part 3:

Together the three parts look like this:

September 20, 2009

Lovely fabrics, PIF and another house

The title almost says it all! But I wouldn't be ME when I didn't make a story out of it, so read carefully :)
When I was in France last summer I bought some thimbles in Paris for a personal swap with Joan and she sent me some beautiful handdyed fabrics in return. Actually she surprised me with that, because she sent more than she should and the fabrics are from her newly released Casi Verde Collection.

I also received a PIF from Mare. Actually we signed in (a year ago) at each other's PIF. She made me a lovely fob in blackwork and added two yellow roses to it. She sent it in a cute little box, together with some floss.

And of course I have been stitching last week. Most of the time I was busy stitching on a gift, but I also finished House nr. 4 of the HOHRH. I love the way the houses look now, I finished the first row, only eight to go!

September 14, 2009

Three PIF's and an exchange

Last week I was able to sent three PIFs to their new owners.
I liked stitching over one that much on the PS Exchange I did, that I went on stitching that way on the PIF I did for Henderica. I know she must have received it by now, although she didn't let me know yet. This is what I sent her almost a week ago. As she lives in the Netherlands, like me, it arrived probably one day later. It's part of a design of Lizzie Kate, Bless Our Home (Snippet 47).

Lynn was the one to stitch me a PS Exchange and it arrived last week. She stitched me a lovely bird in greens and browns, Just gorgeous and I have to mention the thoughtful way she wrapped the package. It was a real gift!

I also received some beautiful handdyed fabrics from Joan of Sapphire Stitching. I don´t have a picture yet, but, promise, next post ...

September 06, 2009

Showtime again :)

In spite of the fact that I have been working again these last two weeks (yes, summer holidays are over and we are heading autumn again) I have been quite productive. Three PIF's are ready to send off (no pictures for obvious reasons). One exchange is received by its new owner. I joined the third exchange of the Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange and my partner was Angela. I stitched her a part of Book 139, Rain, Rain, Go Away. I stitched it over one and finished it as a flosstag.The pair of scissors is my own, to show how tiny it is :)

I gained some progress at HOHRH, house number four is under construction now.

And of course I have been stitching on Vibrant Vista. I have to confess, not that much, due to my obligations on other stitching.

I also have been busy with of A Kittens Tale,
block 2 and this afternoon I finished it! So now I can go on to part three. There will be nine in total.