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October 25, 2009

Holidays and Halloween Exchange

DH and I have been on a short trip to Germany, last week. We fancied a week's holiday, as we used to have at the time our children were still children, but since they grow up they are more and more getting different opinions about what is fun! And a week's holiday with your parents is definitely not fun! So we compromised and left the youngsters at home and left for three days to Germany, Teutoburgerwald. We had perfect weather, no rain, a little bit sunny now and then and we enjoyed being together, preparing on how life will be when DS and youngest DD are going to leave the nest...
Of course we went out for dinner, we took a swim in a Wellness Centre and before we knew it was time to go home again. Some pictures are shown at the end of this post.

There's no holiday without stitching, so I can show some progress on Call of the Raven. But I'll start showing what I received and sent on the Halloween Exchange from the HoE board. This little treatbag went to Tracy, together with some goodies. It's a Prairie Schooler Design, Trick or Treat.

In return I received a beautiful pinkeep, stitched by Marie. She added some lovely goodies too, I sure can use them!

Call of the Raven

And I have been quite busy finishing block 5 of A Kitten's Tale. I did the embroidery during the carride to Germany and today I was able to sew the other parts of it. I have been quite productive!

And now Germany again ...

We couldn't help ourselves, had to write a postcard to them, LOL.

After some shopping we got hungry and enjoyed a 'Deutsche Bratwurst'

Corvey, here's a famous royal library with 74.000 books

Paderborn, Hasenfenster

October 11, 2009

It's been two weeks!

Last week I didn't post, simply because of the fact I had little to say and even more little to show. I have been stitching, of course, how can I not?? My major work at the moment is a surprise for a dear friend, so I can't show any progress. But there is progress!

My two HAEDs are going steady. Call of the Raven has got a little bit more attention, I have to show a progress of at least 1000 stitches at the end of each month to a Dutch group.
Vibrant Vista is growing slowly and so is my quilt project A Kitten's Tale. Block 4 is finished now. And Mare let me know she received my PIF, so I can finally show the last one, also stitched over one. It's, like the others, from The Prairie Schooler, Pins & Needles. So, time to show some pictures!

PIF: Prairie Schooler - Needles & Pins

Vibrant Vista

Call of the Raven

Lynette Anderson - A Kitten's Tale, Block 4