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December 11, 2016

Fingerless mittens

As a little in between knit I finished this week a pair of fingerless mittens, Choco Latte. The yarn is a hand dyed yarn and it shows off very pretty. I have enough left to knit another pair for me. This pair went to my eldest daughter. She told me the dog leash slips through her fingers when wearing mittens of gloves. Walking the dog was a constant fight with leashe and gloves.
So when she saw these fingerless mittens, she was very happy!
This month I have some progress on Call of the Raven too. There are 'only'six pages to go, so it will be a finish next year!

December 03, 2016

I've got the Blues

In fact, they were indeed given to me, the blues, I mean. Sometimes a yarn is so pretty that I  feel tensed about the idea what to knit with it. The skeins are just laying there and are simple eye candy! And these blues came from a dear friend, so I was even more willing to knit something that makes the yarn
But when I saw the pattern of Indigopie I knew my blues were meant for this cardigan.
I did some adjustments, also due to the fact I uses a sock weight instead of bulky yarn. At first I had some doubts, but after a while I got some more confidence. And now I finished it. A wearable, good looking cardigan!
There is also some progress on my Building Blocks KA. I want to have it finished next summer, so plenty of time ;) I enjoyed doing the brioche, but in a way I regret it that the colourfull part of it is on the wrong side of the shawl.