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June 24, 2012

Less stitching time

It's the end of the schoolyear and for me that means there are a lot of parties, saying goodbyes to colleagues, festivities that are all planned in these last weeks. So I was a few evenings out of the house,  and had less time to stitch or knit. Yet I have accomplished some progress on block 11 of the Village.
Today was a rainy day, a perfect day to stay at home and knit clue 4 of the Mystery KAL. Part 4 is n't finished yet, I hope to do it this evening.  If so, I'll add a picture by tomorrow. 
Edited June 26th: Here's a picture of part 4, it's a bit overlighted, but you can see the pattern and that's what matters ;)

June 17, 2012

KAL Summer Mystery

Last blogpost I told you there was a festival of quilts. Well, here is an update.  A French lady showing boutis or trapunto took some pictures of me and my friends. You can see them here. The friendly lady showed beautiful boutis and I promised myself to learn it, one day...
My own progress is slowly but steady.  I started block 11 of the Village.
And did I show you pictures of the KAL I am involved in? It's running through a Yahoogroup I'm in, there's a clou every Saturday, five in total.  Yesterday the third part was available and today it's finished! 

June 10, 2012

Festival of Quilts

 This weekend there was a Festival of Quilts in the province of Groningen. No way I could miss this, so last Friday four friends and I went to visit the churches, windmills and community centres in some lovely villages. Because we couldn't  visit all the locations in one day  I went again today, this time with DH. Here is an impression of the quilts we saw and the beauty of Groningen. 
There was one artist I want to mention in special, Henk van Kooten. He does the most wonderful applique. The Kimono is his work and the pictures after the kimono too. 

June 03, 2012

A creative solution, block 10 done!

Today was a perfect day to stitch. It was a cold, dark sunday and all my household jobs were done. So I sat down on the couch and stitched. Until I found out I had been miscounting. I missed a WHOLE row of stitches in the border of the last three blocks. And I almost finished one of them. How to handle? Frog the whole block? No way! So I  figured out how to adjust the block, without having to adjust the other two blocks two.  I shortened the border and tree trunks in the upper section with one stitch. I frogged the bottom row and added a green row in it. After that I stitched the bottom row again. Is that creative or what?!
Next thing to show is my progress on Silvia. I have three repeats and a bit more done now. I think this comes along pretty well.