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February 08, 2015


May I introduce you to an old friend? She is a beautiful, yet intriguing lady. Colourful and strong. I have been neglecting her for several months, but now she is back in my life again: Call of the Raven.
The last picture I showed here is taken at June 1st, 2014.
Since this year, Januari 15th, I am stitching again. Look how she grows! This could be a finish this year, if she is clever enough to hold my attention ;-)
I also heve been knitting. There is a finish again. For a sweet colleague I knitted Sing, a capelet. She is happy with the result and therefor, so am I.

February 01, 2015

New roommate ;)

Since the day before yesterday I have a new roommate. She is a not so average girl, dressed a bit sexy and very quiet, a unique lady! Through a collegue of mine I got in contact with an artist that decorates window dummies. I sent her some pictures of what I would like and she decorated the most beautiful mannequin I've ever seen. One of a kind also!
I am going to drap my shawls around her and I enjoy looking at her, just as she is!
She doesn't distract me from knitting, so I can show some progress on another knitting project. It's a fair isle cowl, named St. Brendan's Fair Isle. It still looks quite messy, because of all those loose threads. But at the end she will turn out beautiful!