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September 20, 2015

Yellow cloud

My latest shawl is finished! It looks like a yellow cloud. Soft, fluffy, just gorgeous! Name: No Woman No Cry. It weighs 114 grams, is knitted from 1771 yards of ColourMart extra fine merino and it's a full circle, with a diameter of 160 centimeters.
And as you know I keep knitting, so a new design is on the needles already. This time a design by Stephen West, Exploration Station. Buying the yarn was great fun. I went to Deventer last weekend to visit a quilt show and I knew there was a lovely wool shop in Deventer. 
So my first steps were ahead this wool shop. And the owner wore a lovely shawl, so a few minutes later I found myself back at the counter, picking some lovely yarns to knit this shawl. 
This afternoon I had a good start.
After buying the yarn I went to the quilt show and it was great. Several Dear Jane Quilts were exposed in the synagogue.

There also was a show and tell of antique quilts. The owner, a very nice person whom I happen to know for a few years now, collects and repaires those quilts and tells about it in a lovely way.

September 06, 2015

Early autumn

It looks like summer left the country and we have an early autumn. In this season I tend to stay home when I don't have to go to work. That results in finishing my self spun wool, Running Mouse. About 130 grams, I don't know how much meters yet. But I love the colour and the next step will be to make a decision about what to knit with it.
As this yarn was a try out project, I am now confident enough to start spinning a batt, named Aladdin. I won it in  a contest and it was the reason for me to learn how to spin. So today I spun and spun and the result is halt the batt done!