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September 06, 2015

Early autumn

It looks like summer left the country and we have an early autumn. In this season I tend to stay home when I don't have to go to work. That results in finishing my self spun wool, Running Mouse. About 130 grams, I don't know how much meters yet. But I love the colour and the next step will be to make a decision about what to knit with it.
As this yarn was a try out project, I am now confident enough to start spinning a batt, named Aladdin. I won it in  a contest and it was the reason for me to learn how to spin. So today I spun and spun and the result is halt the batt done!


Annie said...

Your self spun wool is beautiful, and the Aladdin you spun turned out wonderfully!

Pauline said...

Wat een heerlijke bezigheden bij dit sneue weer, dat zelf niet lijkt te kunnen beslissen of het zomer of winter zal zijn.

Corina said...

Oh wow, wat mooi gesponnen! Je maakt wel het beste van dit weer!

Nana's Quilts said...

Wow, wow - how fun to spin your own wool. That is very exciting and I bet many new horizons are now opening in front of you. So exciting. I hope you can have a few days of late summer weather, as we have friends visiting your lovely country.