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August 15, 2015

Another schoolyear is about to begin ...

Next Monday duty calls again. Summer vacation is over. Another year of schoollibrarianship lies ahead and I have to confess, I wouldn't mind to stay home for some more weeks. 
We spent two weeks in Thüringen and as usual I will show some pictures. But first my thread related issues.
Now Is The Time is done. I am quite satisfied about it and I even think about knitting aanother one.
Another project is Whisper Poem, (Pattern: Westbourne). It is the first top down sweater I am knitting, but I already love this way of knitting a sweater.
Tejun (pattern name isSteps) is a very nice project to take with me during long car rides.
A big (and only) advantage of the fact we don't have children coming with us on vacation we have more space in the car. So I could bring my quilt frame and I spent many hours quilting on the terrace.
You might know the story of this quilt. Youngest DD and I spent a week in new York, two years ago. And after coming home I made two memory quilts. One for DD, one for me. DD got hers already, now mine is going to be finished.

I bet next week there will be less to show! For those of you who like to see some pictures of Thüringen: enjoy!

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Nana's Quilts said...

You are really such a terrific photographer (also P.) Nice photos. As usual your knitting is so great. I have tried knitting from the top down but not with a lot of success, so I am impressed how well you have done.

Happy back to school. I will begin my kindercare for my grandgirls next week. Autumn is coming quickly.