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March 29, 2010

Holland Springtime, again

Somehow last weeks Holland Springtime draw my attention. Maybe because it is really springtime in The Netherlands. Trees are full of buds and this morning when I went through the park to go to work, I noticed the buds of the oaktrees almost burst out into little leaves. The weeping willow is having a greenish layer over her branches and on our terrace there is the forsythia covered with little yellow flowers.
So, here is my Holland Springtime!

There's some progress on HOHRH too. I am still hoping to finish house nr. 6 this month, but I also want to finish block 4 of Red Delicious. I think it's not realistic to want both LOL I have to finish the applique with feston stitches.

Did I tell you lately I most value your comments ? Every single one I read makes my heart jump a little bit for joy!

March 21, 2010

Quilt retreat , Holland Spring and Love Apples

Last weekend I went to Andijk for a quilt retreat. I met six other members of a Dutch group to quilt, stitch, chat, laugh and visit quiltshops. It was so nice to meet others that have the same love for fabrics and fibers and we had a great weekend. We agreed to make a little gift for each other and this is what I did. These are from Lizzie Kate and I stitched the month of their birthday and finished it on top of a little suitcase.

Of course I took my Red Delicious blocks with me, so I can show you block three today, Love Apple.

During the week I have been paying attention to the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I almost finished another house, but I don't show a picture until that's done. The weekend I have been stitching on Holland Spring and in the second onion there is a bridge coming up.

Here are some pictures of the Quilt retreat. At first our group (I'm on the leftside) and the presents we received/made.

March 07, 2010

Winter Exchange and Spring arrives!

Finally it seems Spring arrives in The Netherlands! Snow disappears and today it was sunny, so I installed my chair on our balcony and stitched! I have a sort of rotation between winter and summer works, so I pulled one of my summer works out of the drawer, Cirque des Carreaux, an Ink Circle Design.

All week I have been stitching on some presents for our quilt retreat. I had to make seven presents and I am finished! Obviously I can´t show them yet. Last week I received this beautiful Winter Exchange from Edda. She stitched me two lovely items, a biscornu and a fob (or little ornament)

and she knitted the perfect shawl for me, in a bright orange/yellow. It makes me feel sunny and it's warm and cozy on my shoulders.

Edda also added a little booklet in Icelandic and English (as I don't read Icelandic, I am happy to be able to read in in English). It is about thirteen Icelandic Christmas lads, a Christmas Rhyme. Isn't that a perfect exchange?