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March 29, 2010

Holland Springtime, again

Somehow last weeks Holland Springtime draw my attention. Maybe because it is really springtime in The Netherlands. Trees are full of buds and this morning when I went through the park to go to work, I noticed the buds of the oaktrees almost burst out into little leaves. The weeping willow is having a greenish layer over her branches and on our terrace there is the forsythia covered with little yellow flowers.
So, here is my Holland Springtime!

There's some progress on HOHRH too. I am still hoping to finish house nr. 6 this month, but I also want to finish block 4 of Red Delicious. I think it's not realistic to want both LOL I have to finish the applique with feston stitches.

Did I tell you lately I most value your comments ? Every single one I read makes my heart jump a little bit for joy!


Ingrid said...

Good job Joke, Holland Springtime looks very nice and you have to HOHRH also a beautiful progress

Amarins said...

Wat wordt dit allemaal prachtig, voor die eerste vind ik echt gaaf.

Margaret said...

Oh my! Your Holland Springtime is stunning! And so is your HoHRH and your Quilt block. Beautiful all!

Barbara said...

Joke, your Holland Springtime is gorgeous. You choose such wonderful designs and your stitching is awesome. Love seeing your progress. (& on the HOHRH too).
Barb in TX

Carolyn NC said...

They're all just gorgeous - I don't know which I love the most!

Debra said...

Everything is just beautiful.

Cindy's Stitching said...

That is so pretty. That piece is going to be amazing when it is done.

Caroline said...

It's beautyful, must have been loads of work. I'm just back from Marne, so she says hello, I hope she will coming next year to The Hague, she's making some plans, so Groningen will be definitely on our list.bye bye Caro

Vicki in CO said...

Wonderful stitching!!

Brigitte said...

Great progress on both your WIPs.

Tracy J said...

Your Chatelaine is so beautiful! Well worth the effort!

Chrissie said...

Oh Joke, Prachtig zeg, wat een mooie quilt gaat jou versie van de Red Delicious worden.
Je hebt zo een mooie kleuren gekozen en dan steekt het perfect af op de achtergrond.
Holland Springtime is al ver joh, en nee je kunt niet alles tegelijk, maar een duizendpoot ben je wel!!
Knuf en fijne paasdagen Chrissie