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October 31, 2010

Holiday's progress

Holidays are over again , so tomorrow duty calls! I wish we could survive without jobs, life would be much easier, at least I would have plenty of time to stitch and quilt. But no complaining, I know I am lucky to have a job!

Last week DH and I went on a trip to Germany, near Trier. We had a wonderful time, the weather was like it should be in autumn: dry, sunny, some clouds now and then and even some fog. We visited Trier, Koblenz and made a great tour along the river Moselle (Moezel). The area is known for the steep slopes of the region's vineyards overlooking the river. And all in beautiful autumn colours, we were blessed to be able to go there!

Before we left for Germany I finished a tile of Holland Springtime.

Also in Germany the evenings were for stitching and I managed to do quite some stitches. At first block eight of Baltimore Bliss.

Also two blocks of My Garden.

And quite some progress on Call of the Raven.

October 24, 2010

Yeah!! Autumn holidays and progress

Finally we have a week's holiday! I have been looking forward to it since a few weeks, we had enough trouble last weeks on our jobs, DH and I. Thank you all for your sweet words, I'm glad to know you care!
Next week we are going to spend in a cottage near Trier, Germany. Of course I'll show you pictures after we come back.

But for now I have some progress to show. You do remember Holland springtime? Friday I discovered I did quite some stitches a totally wrong colour so I had to frog .... But now I can show you some progress on it. The first picture below is how it is now and right under that is the picture with the lighter blue. See the difference? I like it even better now!

Foregone is coming along nicely. The lady's face is about to be stitched, maybe next time ...

Block one of The Village of Hawk Run Hollow is also finished. I don't think I'm going to stitch a block a month, but then, you never know, sometimes I even surprise myself LOL

And I finished block number 7 of my Baltimore blocks. There are 12 blocks, but maybe I'll do some more, because I planned them on our kingsize bed.

October 10, 2010

A new start and knitting

Am I insane? Did I get fired? No, I didn't get fired and I think I'm not insane (who can better judge myself than me??) . And yes, I did start a new design. It has been waiting for me since 2010 January and each month I get a new block. I'm talking about the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I finished the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow this year in June. At that time I didn't feel like starting another Hawk Run Hollow design, but every month, when I get the new block, it tickles me. So, this is the start of block one of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow!

Between stitching and work I have been knitting. I discovered I can also knit during a car ride, so yesterday, when we went to visit Leer (Germany) to do some shopping I took my knitting with me.

When I was much younger I used to knit. I knitting sweaters for me and my children and I loved it. For years I didn't touch the needles but I'm in the mood again! So I bought some yarn in the sale of a local shop.

October 04, 2010

Springtime in Fall, My Garden and knitting

It's been a busy week with some unexpected nasty things. DH was told he will be without a job from the end of this year (boy, am I glad I did some stashbuilding last months!) I also had some trouble at work, so this weekend wasn't a very happy weekend.
I did quite some stitching, like I always do, happy or not ;)

I added a corner to Holland Springtime.

There's also some progress on Foregone.

My Garden has another block, block 3 is finished.

Also finished a scarf and started another one, in the beautiful blue yarn I showed last week.

Yesterday I found a lovely surprise in my mailbox. A friend made me some knittingmarkers, to cheer me up and to help me follow the pattern in knitting. Aren't they lovely?