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October 10, 2010

A new start and knitting

Am I insane? Did I get fired? No, I didn't get fired and I think I'm not insane (who can better judge myself than me??) . And yes, I did start a new design. It has been waiting for me since 2010 January and each month I get a new block. I'm talking about the Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I finished the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow this year in June. At that time I didn't feel like starting another Hawk Run Hollow design, but every month, when I get the new block, it tickles me. So, this is the start of block one of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow!

Between stitching and work I have been knitting. I discovered I can also knit during a car ride, so yesterday, when we went to visit Leer (Germany) to do some shopping I took my knitting with me.

When I was much younger I used to knit. I knitting sweaters for me and my children and I loved it. For years I didn't touch the needles but I'm in the mood again! So I bought some yarn in the sale of a local shop.


Claire said...

Nice new start.I could never get the hang of knittin.

Janaina said...

Really nice new start indeed! Just like Clair, I never got the hang of knitting, so I'm deeply jealous on your coordenation managing 2 needles! LOL.

Christine said...

Lovely new start, and great knitting. Autumn always makes me want to get my knitting out

Giovanna said...

Great start on the Village! And lovely knitting. The green/purple yarn is so pretty.

Chrissie said...

Je hebt je lekker laten gaan in de wolwinkel Joke, en wat ga je daar allemaal van breien dan?
De rode kleur is werkelijk mijn favoriet, wat een fantastische kleur!!!
Ik kan absoluut niet in de auto breien, dan kan mijn pen geen kant op.
Het zier er super uit en zo ook je volgende borduurwerk.
Meid, jij kan ook alles he!!
Knuffels en oh ja, de tas werd grondig bekeken op het zwembad en ik heb leuke complimenten gehad,.