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August 29, 2011

Vacations are over

We came home last Friday and we really enjoyed our vacation together, DH and I. We went to Valkenburg, and from there we visited several places like Maastricht, Luik, Aken, Spa. It was great, after months of cold rainy weather we finally gor some sun! Like usual, I added some pictures at the end of this post, for those who are interested.

On to quilting. I finished block 8 of My Tweets this week and I also took some overview pictures.

Today I was busy sewing on my Jane Austen quilt number two, Blonde Jane, as a friend called her. The middel part is done now and I hope I'll find the time to finish the whole quilttop before the end of this week. Next week duty calls and from then on I don't have that much time left for quilting as I do now. Working on this quilt brings a little sun in my life!

Do you notice the little tool as a ring on my finger? A friend made it for made and it's quite convenient!

And here are the promised pictures of our vacation.

View of the Ardennes

Spa, a lovely village!



Valkenburg, dinner on the terrace

Vaals, where the borders of Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands come together

Aachen, funny fountain

Dinner at Hoogeveen and after that we drove straight home!

August 21, 2011

It's been two weeks already....

We went on vacation last week and I couldn't find the time to blog before we left. So now I have a lot to show. There are three finishes of LHN Ornaments 2010. Two blocks of My Tweets done, a start on block two of the village of HRH. And a precious gift to show. And for those of you who like to see pictures of our vacation, I'll put some at the end of this post.

About a week ago I visited my friend Christine. We met each other on the internet and found out we get along very well. Last year I went to Breda, where she lives, and this summer we wanted to meet again. She had a surprise for me, a cute little bear (Christine makes beautiful bears!). It's one of a couple, the other half lives at Christine's place. I decided to name her Filia (Greek for friendship).

On our holiday trip we went to Brugge (Belgium).
As I like to stitch when we are on the road I prepared the last two blocks of My Tweets. I managed to do one on our way to Brugge, the other one on our way home. Block six ...

...and seven

Three of the LHN ornaments are done. He's a Flake:

Frosty Flakes:

Joy to the World:

When I put them together into a quilt they will look something like this.

At the time I had to decide what I would bring as a stitching project I thought it might be time to finish some blocks of the Village of Haswk Run Hollow. Block one was done quite some time ago, so I started to stitch block two. So far, so good.

Brugge has very nice little streets, canals, and of course, bridges.

During our stay at Brugge we also visited Gent and Brussel.

Courthouse Brussel

Next week DH and I go on another short trip, to Limburg, but this time just the two of us.

August 06, 2011

My Garden and Christmas

Sometimes you only need an afternoon to get done what is waiting for you for months... Lynette Andersons My Garden was waiting for a finish. I had two blocks left to do and this week I finally finished the last two stitcheries and made them into blocks. Now it is a finished quilttop!

Another small one is finished, Peppermint Twist by LHN. I have four left, they are meant to be made into a quilt, but of course I have to stitch them first. So eight done now.

To show all the finished ones I made an overview