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August 26, 2012

A lot to show ....

There's a lot to show. We went on vacation, two whole weeks, and that means lots of stitching/knitting time.
Mystery #28 is finished. The name I've given it is Lucy in the Sky.
I finished the top of A Whimsical Christmas. This quilt is composed by the monthly ornaments of LHN, stitched last year.
The second part of Many Years Ago is finished. 
Mary Wigham has progress. And that is very special, because I only can stitch on her on bright summerdays. Outside.
Another shawl is casted on, Gail. Or, my version: NightinGail.
Together with a dear friend I sewed a jacket.
And there is progress on the Fair Isle Shawl, Red Wine. 
And during all this I enjoyed my vacation, seeing lots of Bonn, Cologne and the beautiful area of Westerwald, Germany.

August 11, 2012

Clue 4 and update Call of the Raven

It's been a while since I showed an update on Call of the Raven, but I am still stitching on her. She is my monthly project, each month a thousand stitches. I reached the end of her skirt this week.

And still knitting. Clue 4 of Mystery #28 is finished. Only one part to go!