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May 25, 2014

Life is good!

I hope you all can say this from time to time: life is good! It is good in simple things, the sun on the terrace, no work related stress, finishing a knitting project that turns out really well, enjoying a quiet Sunday on your own terrace.
My Sunday was filled with finishing a knitting project that wasn't a really big one, but somehow I couldn't find the time to get it finished. Yesterday I did, got it washed and blocked and today I made tassels and took pictures. Another project done Lighten Up!
My Randje per Week is done too, I'm still right on schedule.
And I started another beauty today. In fact I started two. First of all I made a start on Molly Malone, using two beautiful yarns from DyeForWool. 
And the second one is a no-brainer, Unchained Melody, using a Prism Yarn. A yarn that doesn't need a complicated patteren.
Only a few weeks and summer vacation starts, so I will have plenty of time to knit and stitch. And there will be Ascension Day and Whitsunday too, so plenty of  holidays to come!

May 19, 2014


Life looks easier in summer. To me, that is. Getting up early is easier, because it isn't dark. Going to work is easier, because it isn't cold. Coming home is easier, because it is still light and I can sit on my terrace for a while. Going on a trip on my day off seems easier, because life itself doesn't ask that much energy in summer. Ergo I love summer!
Last Friday was my day off and DH and I went on a trip to The Hague. As usual, I will show you some pictures at the end of this blogpost.
I also went to Amsterdam this week, work related. Travelling always makes me feel like having vacation. After doing our job, my colleague and I walked through Amsterdam to pick up the birthday present I bought for myself. A new, handmade bag, made by Handig Handwerk.
She also made a Crossbody Bag for me, with a lining with little sheep.
Yesterday we went to our family house, to spend the day at the country. Farmers were busy mowing grass and I could sit down and enjoy the smell of freshly-cut grass and quilt my NY quilt. Not finished yet!
And as promised, some pictures of The Hague. We went from the government buildings (Tweede Kamer) to The Passage (a shopping area), then a small pass through between two houses where a flower and antique shop was located. Then you see the Hofvijver (do you see the rainbow in the fountain?) and the area around Central Station.

May 11, 2014

The luxury of this week ...

Maybe some of you know I have a job as a schoollibrarian. That means I have multiple (and long) vacations during the year. So I had the luxury of another week to fill with whatever I liked to do.
As I have a deadline for finishing my quilt (next year LOL) I did some quilting. Suppose I quilt a block every month, then my goal is realistic. The first block is finished, the second is half way done.
As we went to Berlin, I had to catch up with my borders, Randje per Week. I managed to do so, so I am on schedule again. I added a close-up, is is becoming quite a long piece of stitched borders!
Ans, as promised last week, a picture of my new started KAL, Montego. Mine is listening to the name No Woman, No Cry. Clue one is done by now.

May 04, 2014


DH and I had a short vacation and went to Berlin. We love that city, especially in spring! There are parks all over the city, broad boulevards, friendly people (as there are in every city) and we enjoyed our time there again! Pictures, as usual, at the end of this blogpost.

My Lily of the Valley shawl is now blocked and ready to wear. I think she became a beauty!
I want to show some progress on Call of the Raven also.She slowly grows. Slowly but steady.
Today I started a new shawl, Montego. A circular shawl, a new challenge! There is nothing to show yet, so be patient. Next week there will be an update.
Now some pictures of Berlin, no Brandenburger Tor, no other famous highlights. We've seen them, admired them, but there is more! This time I want to show the beautiful buildings, the parks and spring in Berlin. We also visited some beautiful Jewish cemetarys. Quiet, mystical places.