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May 25, 2014

Life is good!

I hope you all can say this from time to time: life is good! It is good in simple things, the sun on the terrace, no work related stress, finishing a knitting project that turns out really well, enjoying a quiet Sunday on your own terrace.
My Sunday was filled with finishing a knitting project that wasn't a really big one, but somehow I couldn't find the time to get it finished. Yesterday I did, got it washed and blocked and today I made tassels and took pictures. Another project done Lighten Up!
My Randje per Week is done too, I'm still right on schedule.
And I started another beauty today. In fact I started two. First of all I made a start on Molly Malone, using two beautiful yarns from DyeForWool. 
And the second one is a no-brainer, Unchained Melody, using a Prism Yarn. A yarn that doesn't need a complicated patteren.
Only a few weeks and summer vacation starts, so I will have plenty of time to knit and stitch. And there will be Ascension Day and Whitsunday too, so plenty of  holidays to come!


Linda said...

All your shawls are stunning. Do you wear all of them.


Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing the shawl, and have lots of fun stitching the new ones - lovely yarns!

Pull the other thread said...

Absolutely stunning work. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new projects.

Melissa said...

Beautiful work. I especially love that shawl, so delicate and pretty!

Angela P said...

I can only dream that one day I will be able to knit something that gorgeous! To say I love the Shawl is an understatement :)

The next Shawl pattern looks lovely too, can't wait to see your progress.

Nana's Quilts said...

Lovely, of course. We had a holiday week-end and just arrived home today (Monday). Yes, the simple things are often the very best ones. Time with those we love, doing what we love - we cannot ask for more (or we shouldn't ask for more - perhaps) Love to all,
Marne & Elaine

Marcy said...

Your sampler looks beautiful -- love the blues. The shawl looks great also.