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August 28, 2013


Another two weeks are gone without posting a blogpost. You can see how busy I have been. In the meantime DD came back home to us, safe and sound, after a wonderful time in the USA. Time was filled with stories to tell, pictures to show, hugs to give and receive.
Last week we painted the walls of her new room and went shopping for some furniture. And before we got used to have her around, she has moved out today, heading a time full of young exciting studentlife experiences.
In the meantime I knitted Marieke. The trips to Nijmegen, where she is going to study, took quite some time and I like to knit in the car, so the body of this shawl is done  during our trips to Nijmegen.
The name of the shawl refers to Marieke von Nimwegen (now Nijmegen) , a  late medieval Dutch text and, as a librarian, it was the first name that popped into my mind. Besides that, Jacques Brel sang a lovely song, about his love Marieke, and well, you know about mothers and daughters....

August 18, 2013

Weeks passing by ...

Time is passing by so quickly, I wonder where these last weeks went. Okay, we were on vacation, coming home again, leaving for vacation again, coming home again, but I look back and have the feeling summervacation is just about to begin. Yet it is ending  :( Tomorrow work calls again. Lucky me only tomorrow, for the days after tomorrow we will be busy cleaning the room youngest DD rented.
In fact, I rented the place for her, as she is still in the USA, coming homd next Thursday.
After she comes home, she has some time to recover yetlag and than she is moving out, to study at Nijmegen University.
On to needlework! I have been stitching on Call of the Raven again. There is some nice progress.
And of course I have been knitting. First one is another Raindrops in Spring. Mine is named Feels Like Rain.
And another finish, My Pride. I love this pattern, it is intricate and fun to knit!
This one is meant for a colleague, but I'm sure I want to knit if for myself too!
And I'm involve in a new bloghop, the pincushion bloghop. I already made a few, but, of course, you just wait and see ....

August 03, 2013

All animals done!

Wow, I am proud of myself! I stitched all the animals on the lawn and also all the grass! Plantation Sampler is now going to be a quick finish, I think. Doing the alphabet is a job I like, filling in the saying (I will add another saying, I think, but I'm not yet reveiling what saying). I want it to be done by the end of the year. I have so many new designs waiting for me!
There's also a new shawl casted on, Feels Like Rain. The same design as the latest two shawls, I really love the design. This one is a lovely shade of blue silk and I'm adding lightblue beads. I think it will turn out lovely!