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August 28, 2013


Another two weeks are gone without posting a blogpost. You can see how busy I have been. In the meantime DD came back home to us, safe and sound, after a wonderful time in the USA. Time was filled with stories to tell, pictures to show, hugs to give and receive.
Last week we painted the walls of her new room and went shopping for some furniture. And before we got used to have her around, she has moved out today, heading a time full of young exciting studentlife experiences.
In the meantime I knitted Marieke. The trips to Nijmegen, where she is going to study, took quite some time and I like to knit in the car, so the body of this shawl is done  during our trips to Nijmegen.
The name of the shawl refers to Marieke von Nimwegen (now Nijmegen) , a  late medieval Dutch text and, as a librarian, it was the first name that popped into my mind. Besides that, Jacques Brel sang a lovely song, about his love Marieke, and well, you know about mothers and daughters....


Pauline said...

Prachtig, toepasselijk en om even stil van te worden!

Gingini said...

Pauline zegt het weer helemaal! Prachtig en wat een toepasselijke naam inderdaad!
Love it!