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February 27, 2011

Again, My Tweets and a holiday

Last week DH and I went on a short trip, we spent some lovely days together in a hotel near Zutphen. As DH loves me and I love my quilting, he suggested I made a program to visit some quiltshops. So on our way to the hotel we made a stop at Wapenveld, to visit Klazien's Kreatie, I was welcomed with a laugh and I bought a great knot of wool to knit a shawl. She even taught me how!

After that we went to Zutphen, where Petra Prins is located. While DH visited the church (which was closed) I dreamt about quilts ...

The days were filled with trips to Deventer, where Quiltshop 100 Roses welcomed me, with a cozy walk in Oldenzaal, where I visited Lohuis-Tijhuis.

Friday our ways seperated. DH dropped me off at the station in Zutphen and drove to Doorn, to visit Huis Doorn, purchased in 1919 by Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor, as his residence-in-exile (1920-1941) after World War I.

I went to Zwolle, to meet some friends and visit the Handwerkbeurs together. We had a great day, talking, laughing, looking, buying fabrics, woollies and threads.

And in the evening my Red Delicious waited for me in our hotelroom ;)

Of course I have some finishes to show you. My Tweets, block two:

Another ornament of LHN, All is Calm.

And, just before we went on our trip, I finished another flower for My Garden.

February 21, 2011

My Tweets

Today I proudly present My Tweets. Erin provided us with the design, but after selecting fabrics, transferring it to the fabric and doing the applique, these little birds really feel like my tweets.
I love how they turned out, a little magical, like paradise birds ;)

Also finished is block 6 of Lynette Anderson's My Garden. Only three to go ...

The old friend that entered my home last week didn't leave. She stayed with me all week, so now another page is done.

February 13, 2011

An old friend came by ...

This week an old friend came by, named Vibrant Vista. I didn't see her since 2010, September and last Monday we had an appointment, just the two of us. She didn't change a bit, since I saw her last time,

but after a week of stitching she looks quite different.

A close look at the tiles.

I also had a small finish of LHN, Falala. You know I don't really finish these, as I am planning to use them in a quilt? That's also the reason I don't add beads yet, because they give me trouble when I want to quilt. I add them after finishing the whole quilt. And it's the reason why I use different shades of fabric, to bring some variety in it.

So far, so good, only seven to go ;)

February 06, 2011

I want Spring ... and an exchange

That's the reason I have been stitching on Holland Springtime this weekend. I added another corner tulip. Doing that I found out I forgot some eyelets in the right upper corner, so I did those too. Pictures are below, but the first picture in this post is for the lovely exchange Ellen sent me. I participated in the HoE Reindeer Christmas Ornament Exchange and Ellen stitched me this lovely Reindeer. It is a design of Oakhaven Designs. She added a lovely card and a thimble of her homeland, Singapore. Ellen, thank you!

Of course I have been stitching on other things this week. I have been busy quilting, but no pictures of that until I have some more to show. And there is some progress on Call of the Raven, but another picture of a blue dress might get you bored ;)

So this week the only pictures of my work are from Holland Springtime. I just noticed I forgot to stitch the gold thread in the left tulip, so that's something I will do tonight, that's for sure!