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February 24, 2013

Three finishes and a short trip

Thanks to my job I have several vacations in a year. And I enjoy them all! I always think I am able to finish more than usual (I have some extra time, so that thought might be right LOL). Evenso this week. I have three finishes to show.
As a RAK I stitched a little Halloween item and finished it as a small pillow. The receiver let me know she loves it, so I can show it here.
 This week I also was able to finish my Red Wine Shawl. It is knitted in fair isle technique and it was quite a challenging project, not only because of the steek you have to cut, but also because it was long time ago since I did some Fair Isle knitting. But I am very happy with the result. It has become a very wearable, warm shawl that can I can wear instead of a coat when temperatures outside get a little bit higher!
DH and I went away for a few days. This time we stayed at a hotel in Weert, province of Limburg, were we had some lovely days. Sightseeing at Weert, Den Bosch, Roermond and Hasselt (Belgium). At the end of this post I'll add some pictures. 
On the road I had a  little knitting project, finished it today. Frangiflutti, or, as I call her : Waves.
Some pictures of our trip, as promised at the beginning of this post.
Weert,  in front of our hotel
Roermond, of course I visited a needleshop
 Germany, Heinsberg, a field of snowdrops. Spring is coming!
  Someren, LNS
 Den Bosch, St. Janskathedraal

February 17, 2013

Almost ...

June 2012 I casted on 6 stitches. Now, eight months later I have 814 stitches on my needles. And only 8 needles to go. Note, one needle takes at least an hour ;) But I am almost there!
So before I have a finish and don't know what to do I casted on a lace shawl I promised to knit for my sister-in-law. She herself  decide she wanted brown, so brown it will be.

February 10, 2013

A finish again!

Last week was a pretty quiet week. At work things go steady, arrangements for our future trip are made (we also rented a room already) so we can relax and enjoy cozy hours with needle and thread.
The SAL is finished.  I did the last stitching on Thursday, and was able to finish the little purse on Friday.
The other spare hours I used to take a good knit at Red Wine. All the flowers are knitted now and today it was time to cut the steek. So after securing everything by sewing I took my scissors and, together with a deep breath, I started to cut.
Now it is on the needles again, to knit the border. 'Only' twenty rows to go, all around....

February 03, 2013

Sal part four and Kal finished

It took some time before I realized I am really going to New York. The flight is booked and payed for. Payment took some time before it was shown on my bankaccount so I really got a bit nervous. Can you imagine, being nervous about a payment? How nervous must one be to fly to the Big Apple!

But in spite of all those nerves, knitting and stitching went on. So I can show part four of the SAL I'm in. Only one part to go, it is printed already and beside my chair to be continued this evening.
The KAL I'm in is finished. It was a fun knit and turned out beautifully! My sister did not ask for one, but the way she told me she liked it, was obvious. so I am going to knit one for her also.
Call of the Raven. Did you miss her lately? Well, she is still on my hands (almost) every month. Another page done.