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February 03, 2013

Sal part four and Kal finished

It took some time before I realized I am really going to New York. The flight is booked and payed for. Payment took some time before it was shown on my bankaccount so I really got a bit nervous. Can you imagine, being nervous about a payment? How nervous must one be to fly to the Big Apple!

But in spite of all those nerves, knitting and stitching went on. So I can show part four of the SAL I'm in. Only one part to go, it is printed already and beside my chair to be continued this evening.
The KAL I'm in is finished. It was a fun knit and turned out beautifully! My sister did not ask for one, but the way she told me she liked it, was obvious. so I am going to knit one for her also.
Call of the Raven. Did you miss her lately? Well, she is still on my hands (almost) every month. Another page done. 


Pauline said...

Yummie, another week of eyecandy! you made super stitches this week!

Giovanna said...

Very nice stitching, and congrats on finishing the shawl. I can easily believe you're excited about the trip to NY :-)

Patches said...

I love seeing call of the ravens.

New York is a great and exciting place to visit.

Nana's Quilts said...

You are a very busy girl. They all look really lovely. Getting excited for our trip that way and getting to see you. Anything you want me to bring?