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August 30, 2008

Thanks and something new

Time for my weekly update :) First of all I want to thank you all for your friendly comments concerning our Nijn. My DD Karin loves her little bunny as you can see and it look like the little creature has overcome his health problems.

Another thank you for Vicky. She nominated me for an award, being a new blogger :) I have to pass it on, but to be honest, I can't choose between the dedicated friends that follow my blog, so I hope it doesn't mean I am being unsocial, but the only person I pass this reward to a new blogger, Mare . She is from the ILCS group I joined some time ago.

The rules for this award are:

1. Only five people allowed.
2. 4 of them have to be dedicated followers of your blog and 1 has to be new and live in another part of the world.
3. You have to link back to who gave you the award.

No stitching to show this time. I have been busy stitching on a PS meant for an exchange, I sent a PS Exchange last thursday (forgot to take a picture!) and I have been busy thinking about my new project to be: a rrneighborhood, initiative of Me,Myself and I Neighborhood.

I have to put some things in it that cannot lack, think of a familyhouse to llive and laugh in, a library, bookshop, needleworkshop, swimmingpool and a park. Something that revers to my hometown perhaps?

I so love the Blackbird Design houses, so I maybe put one of those in it. And I already decided about the border, in fact I bought the chart this afternoon at my LNS: Neighborhood Row, Bent Creek Design. It will be this border on top and borrom, on the left and right side I will add some smalls referring to my family. Think about a little rabbit, horses (my DD) books, computergames, a small Alpha & Omega (DS studies also Greek and Latin), music and more books (DH). I can think of many, many more...

I can and sure will change this layout, start is in januari 2009, so plenty of time ;)

August 24, 2008

A Butterfly, a Bird and a Rabbit...again

Remember the animals from a few blogs ago? Here's an update.

The butterfly has found a place on the wall in our livingroom. I hope to enjoy it for years.

The Bird, well, that's finished and I turned it, like I wanted to do, into a flatfold. My first one, thanks to tutorials I found at Vonna's and Meari's blog. Thank you, ladies!

The Rabbit, our little Nijn, survived once again. I nourished him for over a week, gave him his medicine, and he's alive and kicking (figularly spoken) again. He started to eat finally and the last two days he is back to normal. Still refuses to eat hay, so I assume we can wait for the next tooth problems.

I also have some progress to show. I've been stitching on Periwinkle Designs' I love Letters and on a Chatelaine Designs Mystery XI, of which you get a part each month, until you have the whole chart. I am a month behind, hoping I could catch up during holidays, but no... I'm still behind.

And, of course, I am busy stitching some surprises for an Autumn Exchange, a Small Santa Exchange from the Prairie Schooler and I signed up for a finishing class. I have to do the stitching part before the end of september. I also have to do another Prairie Schooler Exchange, so if you don't see me blogging, you now know why LOL.

August 23, 2008

Exchange from Stephanie

Weekend! I woke up this morning kind of late, stumbling down to the living room, but all of a sudden I was clearly awakened. There was a package from Stephanie. I knew she sent it over to my place as a return exchange, but I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly.

The package was so lovely!! In it was a perfectly made doorknob (my first!) from Bent Creek, one of my favorite designers. The stitching design is lovely and the finishing stunning. The ribbon fits the colors of the pineapple perfectly, and so does the cute wooden buttons she attached the hanging ribbon with. And the backing material!! So lovely, with a chicken, flowers and a home in beautiful colors. I forgot to take a picture, but I add one later. I am so happy with it :-)

Stephanie sent me also a lot of goodies, she really spoilt me rotten (oh, I've read this so often, and now I can use it, great feeling). She sent me (hang on and read to the end, lol):

  • A piece of Belfast 32 ct. hand-dyed fabric from Kiwi Illusions (countrystitch) in a beautiful color, Rustic Glow.
  • A perfectly matching piece of fabric for backing my stitched piece.
  • Some DMC floss, in matching colors (purples, blues). Not only the DMC cotton, but also a rayon silk.
  • Soie Perlee in a matching color.
  • A package of DMC Gold Needles (how did she now I use gold needles??).
  • And last but not least a kit from Dames of the Needle, Biscornu with Wool Applique. It is so lovely, I think I have to put aside all other plans for future stitching, and start this right away :)

    Dear Stephanie, I am overwhelmed by so many gifts, and I love everything of your beautiful exchange. You made my day, excuse me, my weekend!

August 22, 2008

Some time ago Carol sent me an eyelets tool, some eyelets and rings. I was surprised by her kindness, and thought it would be a nice gesture to send her a floss tag, made with it. I sent it off August 11th, and I became quite a bit worried, because it took so long to arrive at Carol's place. But today she let me know she received it, and she is quite happy with it.

I used a small part of 'Inspiration' by Rosewood Manor. Would be suitable, because she gives met lots of inspiration by her blog and friendly comments on mine.

August 19, 2008

Finished Humble Daisys

Outside it was brighter than yesterday, so I finally could take some pictures of the Humble Daisys. I turned it into a pinkeep, and I am quite satisfied with the result (you may know I am not that easy satisfied with my own results). But I think I've learned a lot last months, thanks to all stitchers who are writing such nice comments (good for my self-confidence LOL), and all these great tutorials they put in their blogs.

Anyway, here it is.

Two Exchanges on my doorstep!

This afternoon I came home from work, tired, as I have to adjust working long days after eight weeks of lazy days, and I was surprised by two packages!

One was from Iris. She had my name in a 'matchbox swap', and she sent me a lovely decorated matchbox with lots of butterflies upon and in it. Besides the butterflies there were also a lot of other goodies, and a lovely floss tag, from a pattern of Helga Mandl. Look at the pictures and join me in enjoying this exchange. all of this accompanied by a card, I'm sure she made herself. Wow, how much time she spent on me!

The other package was a return exchange from Jen. She made me a cute little bag, on which she stitched one of my favorites: autumn leaves. And besides that, she stitched me two (!) bookmarks, how could she know I am always reading more than one book at the time??

One of them has my name on it, so I don't have to worry whether it is mine or not, the other has some lovely acorns and, again, an autumn leaf. I love them, thank you Jen :-)

August 17, 2008

My goals are achieved! I finished Humble Daisys today, and turned it into a lovely pinkeep. I couldn't find our camera before it was too dark to take pictures, so you girls have to wait until tomorrow. Also stitched 'Friends Gather', and I have plans to turn it into a flatfold. All I have to do is figure out how to, but I have some good tutorials from Vonna, so I have great confidence in it!

Tomorrow school begins again, and that means work also. So from now on I'll try to blog a few times a week, depending on how much time I have left to stitch LOL.

August 15, 2008

A Butterfly, a Rabbit and a Bird

How do those three come along?Well, quite well, I can say. To start with the butterfly, here it is, framed, and I think it turned out beautiful. Now all I have to do is find a place on the wall, where it comes out as beautiful as it is.

The Rabbit, a continuing story.... It is our Nijn, a little dwarf rabbit (even smaller than most dwarf rabbits) with constant tooth problems. Since this little animal refuses to eat hay (like he should being a rabbit) his teeth keep growing. We went to the vet, to cut his front teeth several times. Then we decided it was much stressless and cheaper if we learned how to do this ourselves. So we did. After a while, his teeth were growing to the left, and to the right, so we went back to the vet. The best solution was to pull out his front teeth.

So we nourished him for a few days, being in pain and unable to eat his normal food. He recovered, and all is well that ends well, we thought.

But no, not in Nijn's case. A few days ago he again refuses to eat, and being a rabbit, that is very serious, because his bowels have to keep working, otherwise he will die in a few days. So we went to the vet, last night. Again: a problem with his teeth. They don't wear and become irritated, so again, our Nijn is in pain when he tries to eat. He gets a painkiller, something to stimulate his bowels, and, again, is nourished by me. That takes a lot of time, but it makes me feel like a young mother again, feeding her baby.

The Bird, third in row, is a little stitching from Helga Mandl, Friends gather. Stitched on 32 ct. Belfast Linen, Silkweaver Solo. My goal is to get it finished before monday, since I have to start working again, and no much time will be left for stitching and blogging. Here is the result until now!

August 13, 2008

Half way this week already! Still half a week to go and work calls again. This holiday is over before I know it, must have been because of having so much fun at blogs and stitching. I planned to visit many museums this holiday, but most of them stay plans.

I went to Rotterdam though, yesterday, to visit the exhibition of Chinese posters. Since many years I have been interested in Chinese culture, and a part of that is the big propaganda posters the Chinese gouvernment used (and still uses) to bring their political messages to the people. I even have a collection of these (rare) posters myself.

Rotterdam is a three-hour-train-ride from Groningen, so it took me a day. But I had a great time at the museum, and afterwards went to visit a needlework shop at the center. Since I spared some money by not buying a catalogue at the museum (there was non, LOL) I thought I might as well buy a lovely pattern. Beardie Designs, Autumn Accessories. I'll try to start stitching it next week .

Travelling by train has a great advantage: you can stitch. So I started and finished this cute little freebie of Brighneedle Design, Humble Daisys, stitched on 28 ct. Cashel Linen. Now I have to decide how to finish it.

I want to show you some of the Chinese posters, some of you might not even know they exist if I don't. And as a librarian it is part of my job to pass information LOL , so here you go!

To start with modern times, here is a poster of the Olympic Games, 2008.

Under it the Olympic Games in 1984. Prince of gymnastics Li Ning won three gold medals, two silvers and one bronze in gymnastics at China's Olympic debut 1984 in Los Angeles. This year he lighted the Olympic cauldron in awesome style, lifted high in the air by ropes, circling the stadium and then lighting the giant cauldron.

One of the largest collections of Chinese poster can be found here:

Another review of Chinese posters can be found on

August 10, 2008

Jen received the Crazy Exchange I did for her. So, picture time! The picture above shows the shield I finished, a little bit too shiny! And so is the next picture, a cushion.
Both are from Brittercup Designs, Britty Kitties. I choose these two, because I know Jen is a catlover, and she loves cartoons. I thought these cartoonish designs would just fit her. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the whole exchange, I added a chart too, so I think it's okay if I 'borrow' the picture from her blog. I'm really glad she likes it!

August 07, 2008

Matchbox swap

Yes! The matchboxes I made are on its place, Pascale let me know she got them. Yes, them. We were supposed to make one matchbox, so I did one in Pascale's favorite color, pink. But finished, I was not satisfied, it was not like I had in mind. So I sent my DH to the groceries, and let him buy another matchbox (we now have plenty of loose matches, lol).

I chose a theme: blue and white. I finished the box, filled it with goodies and then realized I quite forgot it was not Pascale's favorite color. Oops, what to do? Make a third one???

No, that would be too much for me, I would run out of time and become all stressed up. So I decided to send both boxes, one filled with goodies (blue and white) and one empty (pink). Pascale let me know she likes them both, lucky me (or she?). We.

August 06, 2008

Floss Tag

Wow, again something new, there are so many things I never did as a stitching finish, and here comes another: a floss ring tag seen on Carols blog. There is so much fun in reading other stitcher's blogs and see other stitcher's ideas. This is my first ring tag, (thank you, Carol!) but I'm sure many will follow as it is fun to stitch them (quick and easy).

It is a freebie of the Prairie Schooler.
The back is composed of some parts of the original freebie.
Like I wrote yesterday, today everything is back to normal again, so I have been stitching this tag, and worked on my Mystery XI. Next time I'll show a picture again.

August 05, 2008

I haven't been feeling that well today, now and then I have one of those days. I felt a little depressed, tears came easily (and quick!). Tomorrow is back to normal, I think. But in the afternoon, my day was lightened up: a package from Carol was in the post!
She sent me an eyelet tool, so I can finish my stitching as a floss tag. And not only the tool, but also the eyelets and two rings! So sweet of her, and it came at the right moment.
Sunday afternoon I finished my matchbox swap, so yesterday I sent it to its new owner. I also finished the Santa Exchange and it turned out very pretty, I'm quite satisfied.
Today I went to the postoffice to send a Crazy Exchange.
Pictures of all of these little projects have to wait until they arrived.

August 02, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

This morning I was wondering if anyone ever read my blog, and decided it didn't matter, because I have so much fun in writing it and in reading other stitcher's blogs. Then, coming home from (what else) my LNS I found a message from Edda. She nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am confused, honoured, stunned, proud and, above all, grateful.

Grateful for the group of stitchers in my life, giving me so much joy, fun and inspiration. Since I'm involved in this stitching world I received so many friendly words, helpful mails, encouragement and I've learned so much.
Edda, thanks a lot, for honouring me that way!

Here are the rules for this award:
• The winner may put the logo on her blog.
• Put a link to the person you got the award from.
• Nominate 5 blogs.
• Put links to the blogs.
• Leave a message for your nominees.

My nominees are (in no particular order):
Vonna : for her tutorials
Carol : for her encouraging words
Janaina : for her ideas and humour
Carolyn : for I feel welcome at her blog
Litla : for I read her blog with pleasure

Birthday Exchange to show

Yes! Carol's birthday was a few days ago, and she let me know she was very happy with what I stitched for her.
I stitched her a tape measure cover from Nenne's Design and a fob, designed by
Annemiek , The Needle's Content.