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August 24, 2008

A Butterfly, a Bird and a Rabbit...again

Remember the animals from a few blogs ago? Here's an update.

The butterfly has found a place on the wall in our livingroom. I hope to enjoy it for years.

The Bird, well, that's finished and I turned it, like I wanted to do, into a flatfold. My first one, thanks to tutorials I found at Vonna's and Meari's blog. Thank you, ladies!

The Rabbit, our little Nijn, survived once again. I nourished him for over a week, gave him his medicine, and he's alive and kicking (figularly spoken) again. He started to eat finally and the last two days he is back to normal. Still refuses to eat hay, so I assume we can wait for the next tooth problems.

I also have some progress to show. I've been stitching on Periwinkle Designs' I love Letters and on a Chatelaine Designs Mystery XI, of which you get a part each month, until you have the whole chart. I am a month behind, hoping I could catch up during holidays, but no... I'm still behind.

And, of course, I am busy stitching some surprises for an Autumn Exchange, a Small Santa Exchange from the Prairie Schooler and I signed up for a finishing class. I have to do the stitching part before the end of september. I also have to do another Prairie Schooler Exchange, so if you don't see me blogging, you now know why LOL.


Meari said...

Your FF is beautiful! Great job.

Debra said...

Very pretty flat fold.
Debra in Indiana

Mare said...

Lovely job! And I am glad the bunny is ok.

Annemiek said...

Your flatfold looks great Joke. And thanks for sharing your WIP pictures, I had been wondering about the Chatelaine project.

Carol said...

How nice to Nijn and to hear he/she is doing better again. You are such a good mom! And your flatfold is fantastic, and that mystery is exquisite! I did three of Martina's mysteries and now feel like I need a long break - they are so in depth, aren't they? :-)

Nana's Quilts said...

Georgous, Joke. When we get back home I will try to Skype again. Your needle work is terrific. And happy that Mr. Bunny is improved.

Hugs from the state of Montana.

Vonna said...

Hi Joke! You have a beautiful blog :o)
And many, many lovely treasures.
I surely am glad that your bunny is better...I hope he continues on the road to health!