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August 23, 2008

Exchange from Stephanie

Weekend! I woke up this morning kind of late, stumbling down to the living room, but all of a sudden I was clearly awakened. There was a package from Stephanie. I knew she sent it over to my place as a return exchange, but I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly.

The package was so lovely!! In it was a perfectly made doorknob (my first!) from Bent Creek, one of my favorite designers. The stitching design is lovely and the finishing stunning. The ribbon fits the colors of the pineapple perfectly, and so does the cute wooden buttons she attached the hanging ribbon with. And the backing material!! So lovely, with a chicken, flowers and a home in beautiful colors. I forgot to take a picture, but I add one later. I am so happy with it :-)

Stephanie sent me also a lot of goodies, she really spoilt me rotten (oh, I've read this so often, and now I can use it, great feeling). She sent me (hang on and read to the end, lol):

  • A piece of Belfast 32 ct. hand-dyed fabric from Kiwi Illusions (countrystitch) in a beautiful color, Rustic Glow.
  • A perfectly matching piece of fabric for backing my stitched piece.
  • Some DMC floss, in matching colors (purples, blues). Not only the DMC cotton, but also a rayon silk.
  • Soie Perlee in a matching color.
  • A package of DMC Gold Needles (how did she now I use gold needles??).
  • And last but not least a kit from Dames of the Needle, Biscornu with Wool Applique. It is so lovely, I think I have to put aside all other plans for future stitching, and start this right away :)

    Dear Stephanie, I am overwhelmed by so many gifts, and I love everything of your beautiful exchange. You made my day, excuse me, my weekend!


Janaina said...

Awwwww... so sweet! I love it all too! =)

Carol said...

What a gorgeous little exchange from Stephanie! And I do so love my floss ring tag to bits! Thank you!!