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February 28, 2010

We're back, heading for a Delicious Holland Springtime ;)

We returned from our trip to Germany safe and sound and so were the children when we got home. DH and I had a lovely time together (pictures below), DD had a great 'Sweet sixteen party' with her friends while we were gone and we found the house clean and tidy when we got home. Normal life is about to begin, tomorrow we all go back to school and work.

During holidays in Germany I had quite some stitching time. Most of the time I stitched on Call of the Raven. The shawl is getting some shape now and page 39 is almost finished.

While DH was driving the car I have been working on Red Delicious. Block two is finished now!

Today I finished the stitching in the upper onion of Holland Springtime. The sailingboat is finished now , so on to the right onion, but first I have some presents to stitch ....

Yesterday I visited a Stitching and Quilting Fair, the Handwerkbeurs in Zwolle. I bought some wonderful fabrics and two gorgeous patterns.

And when I got home there was a package from Nancy, sending me the ordered floss. Isn't it gorgeous? The ones in the middle are called Spring Colours and oh, how I long for spring!

Here the pictures of our trip to Germany.

When we arrived in Germany there was still a lot of snow, when we went back to The Netherlands three days later, it was almost gone!

On our way to the appartment, we stopped at Tecklenburg for a walk.

Burg Tecklenburg. In it is a museum and a Youth Hostel.

Dinner for two :-)

Schloss Detmold

We also visited Lemgo, a small village with some beautiful houses.

Unfortunately the market place was under construction.

Snow finally disappeared and we had some sunny days in Germany. And spring is coming, look at the Snowdrops!

February 22, 2010

Holland Springtime, a finish and a birthday

We had quite a week, last week. I have been sick almost all week, so I went home from work earlier than normal Monday. Tuesday I stayed at home and while I was sitting on the couch there was someone at the door. A police-officer came to tell me a lady hit our car, that was parked in the street. At first it seemed the car was total loss, but luckily our garage was able to repair the damage. So tomorrow we can drive to Germany for a short holiday as planned!

Wednesday I went to work again, but I have to give up in a few hours. I felt so sick I had to go home. So the rest of the week I stayed in and had some extra stitching hours.

At first I have some nice progress on Holland Springtime to show you. Like I said there is a little sailingboat now in the upper onion.

I also finished Needlemania 2. Now I have to decide how to finish it. I think it will be nice on a pillow, but I take some time to think it over.

And I did some stitching on HOHRH, on house number 6 to be precisely.

This afternoon I prepared Red Delicious block 2, so I can take it with me to Germany and do some of the appique stitching. I love how it's going to turn out!

And today it our DS's birthday. He is 18 years old now and he decided we all were going to dress properly! So he is wearing a suit all day, like an adult LOL. We enjoyed his life until now, as we do his sisters!

February 14, 2010

Winter Exchange

This week my partner in the Winter Exchange, Anita, received her package, so I can show what I stitched for her. It's a design of Lizzie Kate, Think Winter and I finished it as a wallhanger. My picture showes the ribbon as a different colour than it is in real life, so look here for a better picture :)

And of course I can show you another part of Needlemania 2. I finished part six, so on to part seven, only three to go!

I did stitch as much as normal, but I can't show the results, as they are meant as a gift. March 12th I am meeting seven ladies for a retreat. I finished two gifts, so I have to finish five more...

February 08, 2010

Needlemania, exchange and Holland

Did I thank you lately for the lovely comments you give me? If not: thank you! Every comment gives me a big smile and I value them highly :)

Some of you might have missed me, I usually post weekends. Yesterday evening I finished part five of Needlemania two and I still like it! It was almost time to go to bed, so I didn´t have time to update my blog.

Besides Needlemania I stitched on an exchange, I managed to finish it and sent it off today. I´ll show it as soon as the receiver tells me it arrived.

Fridaynight I stitched on Holland Springtime. I was getting a bit bored stitching the bows, so I decided to go on filling the inside of the upper bow. There´s not much to see yet, but soon there will be a lovely boat, sailing on the water!

And of course there are Vibrant Vista and Call of the Raven. I didn´t update for those quite some time, but I stitch on them almost every week. Progress is slowly but I'm sure all HAED stitchers will understand.