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February 22, 2010

Holland Springtime, a finish and a birthday

We had quite a week, last week. I have been sick almost all week, so I went home from work earlier than normal Monday. Tuesday I stayed at home and while I was sitting on the couch there was someone at the door. A police-officer came to tell me a lady hit our car, that was parked in the street. At first it seemed the car was total loss, but luckily our garage was able to repair the damage. So tomorrow we can drive to Germany for a short holiday as planned!

Wednesday I went to work again, but I have to give up in a few hours. I felt so sick I had to go home. So the rest of the week I stayed in and had some extra stitching hours.

At first I have some nice progress on Holland Springtime to show you. Like I said there is a little sailingboat now in the upper onion.

I also finished Needlemania 2. Now I have to decide how to finish it. I think it will be nice on a pillow, but I take some time to think it over.

And I did some stitching on HOHRH, on house number 6 to be precisely.

This afternoon I prepared Red Delicious block 2, so I can take it with me to Germany and do some of the appique stitching. I love how it's going to turn out!

And today it our DS's birthday. He is 18 years old now and he decided we all were going to dress properly! So he is wearing a suit all day, like an adult LOL. We enjoyed his life until now, as we do his sisters!


Margaret said...

Happy birthday to your son! My son hates wearing suits! lol! I love all your WIPs! And the Needlemania piece is wonderful! I think it would make a great pillow. Feel better!

Ingrid said...

Beautiful stitching Joke and congratulations on the birthday of DS, he looks very handsome in his suit!

Carolyn NC said...

Holland and all your other stitching projects are beautiful. Congrats on the finish! DS looks mighty grown up in his suit. Hope he had a great day!

Mylene said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Joke. Looking very handsome in his suit.

Congrats on finishing Needlemania, looks beautiful and great progress on your other projects.

Enjoy your holiday!

Gillie said...

Hope you're feeling much better and ready for Germany! Lots of lovely stitching as always and congratulations to the Man of the Moment!

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I hope you are feeling better now. And you did get some wonderful stitching done. All of it is just beautiful.

I hope you enjoy your holiday.

Kristina said...

Handsome young man :) and lovely stitching too.

stitchinfiend said...

Happy Birthday to your son.I hope you are feeling much better. Your stitching is just beautiful too.

Debra said...

beautiful stitching and quilt block. Happy birthday to your DD! Have a nice vacation.

Giovanna said...

Many happy returns to your son for his important birthday! All of your projects are lovely, but it's always a special thrill to see the Holland Mandala. Sorry to read about your illness, I hope you're better.

Ellen said...

Needlemania 2 is gorgeous! I love your colors. Your other wips are wonderful too. Happy Birthday to your son and have a nice break in Germany.


Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing Needlemania. It looks gorgeous. And so does your progress on your two WIPs.
I hope you are feeling well again and can enjoy your holidays.

Nana's Quilts said...

Oh my dear - your stitcheries are so beautiful. Uitstekend! I am sorry that you have not been feeling well, but happy that you got your little trip to Germany. Of course, happy birthday to your son. 18 - wow! I hope that we will have photos of the trip - you usually do. :-)

Caroline said...

Gorgeous stitchy pics! Happy belated birthday to your son - my little boy is almost 2 - 18 seems so far away yet I know it will happen in a flash!

Terri said...

As always beautiful stitching. And Happy Late Birthday to your Son