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April 12, 2017

Update on some knitting and stitching

No finish yet, but there are some things about to be a finish. There is my Haute Couture knitting. It now only needs a border and looks like this
And there is Xantippe, pattern Xanti  from Hanna Maciejewska. That looks like this right now:
And I have done some stitching too. Call of the Raven is almost to be finished. Although, almost ... I know how much time you need to finish a page. And I have to do three, almost four more pages. But, this year, she will be finished. and that's a promise!

March 26, 2017

A finish

It;s not the first time I have a finish, but this time I am really proud. I finished my first cardigan, knitted on my own size and it fits very well! Its very wearable too, so I am a happy girl!
The very well written pattern is a design of Isabell Kraemer, named Paulie. The gorgeous yarn is from Dibadu, she is an idie dyer from Germany and I bought the yarn in her shop nearby the Externsteine, a beautiful touristic attraction.

February 25, 2017

Time flies ...

Before you know it January is gone and February almost  disappeared too ... I have been away for several weekends, taking short trips to relax and enjoy life.
And during those trips I knitted and stitched.
To start with stitching, my Call of the Raven is growing slowly. On Febraury 14th it looked like this:

My knitting projects are growing slowly. I have two cardigans on the needles. One is the Chickadee, designed by Ysolda Teague. I am knitting this in my Haute couture Knitting Class, which I attend every two weeks,
to learn how to adapt a pattern to my own  measurements. Here the yoke is shown and the other picture show the yoke including the arms.
The other cardigan is growing too. I am about to knit the sleeves. I can't capture the right colour, so next time I try to take a picture in daylight. The proper colour is shown on the last picture.

January 09, 2017

A new year with new opportunities

First of all I want to wish you all a happy, healthy 2017! I hope you enjoy my blogposts this coming year and I hope I can find the time to post more frequently.
The year 2016 didn't end with finished objects, but with a new project. I had some progress on Favorite, The pattern is Paulie, a design by Isabell Kramer.  And I bet this year I will finally be able fo finish my Call of the Raven.

At the end of the year I attended a workshop,  'Bakje breidzje' at Franeker. We learned about sequenced knitting and went home with a lovely gift. A big ball of hand dyed yarn by Loret Karman. This ball contains some hidden gifts and during knitting we would find them.
I started knitting a cowl. Hibernated, frogged, started a shawl. Hibernated, frogged and after adding another colour I am now knitting 'Dikke Tuut' (translation: big kiss, the name of the yarn). Below the process from ball to the final choice.
Favorite is another great knitting projects. It is knitted top down and I like how the wool/silk blend is behaving.
Pictures of Call of the Raven will be posted next week. I am in a group that shows the WIP every 10th of the month and I don't want to spoil the fun of that.