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February 29, 2016

Vacation Monday

In our region of The Netherlands we have spring break. That means no work (school) for a week. For me, the most joyful days of vacations are Mondays. It starts on Sunday evening, That glorious feeling that you have a week ahead of no obligations, no rising early in the morning, no have to's.
And so I spent my day knitting, spining on a new project and preparing some other knits. Skeins turned into balls of yarn and I knitted on the balcony to catch that early sunbeams of spring.

Last week I finished You Will Rise Again. Pattern: Carradal from Lucy Hague with lovely Celtic cables. At first I thought it would turn out a bit too dark perhaps. But now it's finished it's just what I imagined it to be the moment I picked the colours.

I knitted on another project, St. Brendans Fair Isle. The wool is a bit scratchy and it irritates my finger cuticles.
And on the MKAL Urquhart Castle. I choose to do the large square shawl, so casting on 920 stitches and knitting a few rounds costs ages!
I also casted on a pair of gloves, so I have a car project when we go for longer rides.
And I planned to join in a KAL so I picked some of my stashed yarn and winded them into balls.  The Penguin KAL by Sweatershopper. You can join in the Ravelry group  I don't think I'm getting bored for a long time!

February 07, 2016

With both feet on the ground again ...

After my luxurious stay at the Krasnapolsky Hotel I landed with both feet on the earth again. Work has to been done, but not only that. Of course I find some time to knit ...  My sister in law asked me to knit some slippers for her.
So we went to the local yarn shop together and came up with a bulky yarn. Looking at my other knits, you might know I am not used to bulky yarn, but after buying some extra big sock dpn's I succeeded.
If you take a good look you will notice they look different. Not only left and right foot, but the left is pointing ahead, the right one is a bit round on top. That's because of the grafting I did. I pulled the left one out (only the grafting part) and did it again. Slightly different, but better, I think.
Besides that I finished one mitten. the other one is now on the needles, to complete the pair. It's the An Enchanting Mystery. The mystery was over before I started, due to some lack of time. But to be honest, I don't mind.
When thesecond mitten is finished, I hope to find some time  to finish some other WIP's. The pile next to my sofa is growing, so time to finish something instead of starting something new!