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November 22, 2009

Finally a finish to show!

Finally I can show this finish, stitched as a return exchange for Marne. She made me a wonderful quilt back this year and I have been thinking what I could do for her. She almost convinced me I didn't owe her anything, but I liked the idea she had a little something stitched by me too. Two days ago she let me know it arrived and she (lucky me!) loves it. It's a Chatelaine Design, Advent Calender 2007, complimentary design for the Chatelaine Support Group.

November 20, 2009


It must be the title of this design, I sure am enlightened. I never stitched that fast, in less than a week I finished two pages! Okay, I have to admit one of them was empty and the other one only had a small parrakeet on it LOL

I can't wait to start Foregone. I ordered all the floss I need for it but I also had some in my stash. So now I am thinking about starting already and leave the spaces open when I don't have the right colour. On the other hand it might be wise to put some extra stitches in Vibrant Vista or one of my other WIPS. Oh, stitcher's problems ...

November 15, 2009

A finish, a surprise and a new start

Yes, finally a finish again :) But ... no pictures yet. I finished a Christmas design for a friend, as a return gift, so obviously I can't show yet. Last week I have been stitching like crazy to get it done, so she can have it by December 1st.

The surprise? That's a BIG one, referring to the surprise as well to the chart. A dear friend gave me a chart as a present. She wrote to me she was given the opportunity by Michelle (HAED) and wanted to give it to me. So I could make a choice of all these beautiful designs! Ilike the great idea to let my friend make the final choice, so I mailed her my wishlist and asked her to choose. She did an excellent job, so now I can present you my future new start Foregone. I ordered the floss already, so I expect to start her in about a week or two.

The new start for today is also a HAED. Overdressed Yet Enlightened. I think it's a cute one and it has something to do with my love for China. I mean the dress, not the Duck LOL. I am going to stitch over one on 28 ct, so it will become quite a job. Can you already recognize the stick the right parrakeet is sitting on? LOL.

Apart from stitching on the Christmas design I also have finished a page on Call of the Raven. So now I am half way!

November 08, 2009

Time flies

November already, another few weeks and it is Christmas again ;) I have the feeling I have to wink my eye and another week is gone by. We had a busy week last week. Work is asking a lot of attention and I did quite some hours overtime. Yesterday my DD's bike was stolen. My DH was at work (he is a librarian, working at the library of the Court) and DD went to visit him as the courthouse had an Open Day for the public. DD left her bike outside (of course, can you imagine her lifting her bike on her shoulder and take it inside LOL ??).

An hour later she came back and her bike was gone! In front of the Courthouse, in broad daylight and even a policecar standing in front of the building. This must have been a very courageous (or stupid??) thief! DD was in tears when she came home, poor child! As she needs a bike to go to school we lent one from the local bikestore for the next days.

Today DD and DH went to look for her lost bike again, you never know, maybe the thief got tired lifting her bike (it was locked) and left it somewhere to pick it up another day. And guess what?? They found the bike, left (still locked) in another street, not far from the Courthouse.

DD hurried home to get the keyes and they took her bike home again! No damage at all, only the cable-lock was gone. The thief managed to get that open and removed it and tried to remove some other things too, like the little red and green ribbons DD had secured on her bike so she could recognize it from a distance. DD was so happy (and so are her parents, as it also saves a lot of money LOL).

On to stitch-related items. I am doing a lovely Christmas design for a dear stitching friend and I have to pay attention to it most of my stitching time. Otherwise I fear I'm able to finish it in time.

Fridaynight I was able to join Becky's SAT and I can show some progress on Chatelaine's Holland Springtime.

But I had a little time in the evenings to stitch on Call of the Raven.

Page 25 almost done (I prefer stitching from right to left)


I also have been busy quilting on a Christmas panel. I sandwitched it and the blocks are quilted by machine. Now I am quilting by hand around the different figures.