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November 15, 2009

A finish, a surprise and a new start

Yes, finally a finish again :) But ... no pictures yet. I finished a Christmas design for a friend, as a return gift, so obviously I can't show yet. Last week I have been stitching like crazy to get it done, so she can have it by December 1st.

The surprise? That's a BIG one, referring to the surprise as well to the chart. A dear friend gave me a chart as a present. She wrote to me she was given the opportunity by Michelle (HAED) and wanted to give it to me. So I could make a choice of all these beautiful designs! Ilike the great idea to let my friend make the final choice, so I mailed her my wishlist and asked her to choose. She did an excellent job, so now I can present you my future new start Foregone. I ordered the floss already, so I expect to start her in about a week or two.

The new start for today is also a HAED. Overdressed Yet Enlightened. I think it's a cute one and it has something to do with my love for China. I mean the dress, not the Duck LOL. I am going to stitch over one on 28 ct, so it will become quite a job. Can you already recognize the stick the right parrakeet is sitting on? LOL.

Apart from stitching on the Christmas design I also have finished a page on Call of the Raven. So now I am half way!


Margaret said...

I don't know how you stitch HAED designs. I wouldn't be able to do it. What fun that you got that surprise from your friend.

Blu said...

The lady is just beautiful. And that duck has so much fiddly details. Can't wait to see more!

CindyMae said...

OMG, I honestly will never have the patience to stitch a HAED but I wish I did. Your stitching progross is so beautiful. I look forward to watching your new one grow as well!

Bianca said...

Wonderful charts and the duck made me think of China as well.... "peking eend" LOL.


Carolyn NC said...

Love these - nice progress on your stitching, too!

Claire said...

Great HAED choice.