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April 25, 2011

This April looks like summer

It has been like summer, high temperatures all week. And this week I am a very lucky woman, because I'm off work from last Thursday until today. So I got an extra long weekend to clean the terrace, rearrange my flowerpots and buy some extra geraniums for my hanging baskets.
Besides that I have been stitching a lot!

Holland Springtime has great progress. As you can see I added the flowers on top of the left onion, and two tiles. Now I only have to stitch the last tulipbulb and then on to the border. I am more confident on reaching my goal , to have the stitching finished by the end of May.

Besides stitching I have been preparing some blocks. From May 2nd until May 6th DH and I leave for a trip to Berlin. We go by car and as I like do some stitching I prepared two blocks. The first is the third block of My Tweets.

The other one is the second block of Hearts Desire.

April 10, 2011

My Garden and a little bit springtime ...

Is it spring in your country too? Here it is! Flowerbuds are opening, the sun was shining this weekend, so all of a sudden I noticed the dust in my house. And I started a little bit cleaning ... Luckily I don't have to clean the windows yet, because the carpenter is still busy to replace some rotten parts of the window frames. So in spite of cleaning activities I could find some time to stitch this weekend.

I'm a little behind on the BOM of Lynette Anderson, My Garden. But today I finished block 7, only two more to go.

And Holland springtime has some progress too. The tulip in the corner is added. Now I can move on to the left part of the design.

April 04, 2011

Still spring and a new project

I hope you don't get bored by seeing an update on Holland Springtime again. It's just a nice tile that I stitched this week, typical Dutch, a small village, a church, a windmill and a sailing boat.

I also have some progress again on Call of the Raven. I am almost done with the dress and there will be more variation in colours again, stitching my way to the left.

A new project, another quilt again. It's Hearts Desire by Esther Aliu. I did the first block and like you know me, I did quite some colour changes.

Esther Aliu is the designer of Red Delicious too. I quilted all the blocks and now I continue with the borders. The outer black stripe is going to be cut down to the binding, it's the overlap of the backing fabric, so I only quilt the first stripe of black and the white stripe of fabric.