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January 31, 2009

Winterexchange and MM&I RR

The winterexchange I stitched for Carin has arrived, so I can show it to y' all! It's a Nenne Design, but I have to admit I changed it a little bit. First of all I left behind the small hearts that are all over the piece, I only left a border on top and bottom. Second change is done by mistake. One little sheep is stepping out of line, call it the black sheep of the family. She steps out one row, so it is kind of a silent (but strong!) resistance to the rest of the family. A little bit like me, I suppose, LOL

And here is the first picture of my own RR, called 'My Family Town'. On top of the whole RR I decided to stitch an overview of the small villages you can find in our province. All they have is a church, some houses, farms, haystacks and sometimes a bakeryshop. They are surrounded by pastures, typical Dutch, in which cows and sheep are grazing, swallows in the air, a familiar picture to me. My father grew up in such a village, and I spent quite some childhood-holidays at my great-aunt's , living in the country.

I am planning to stitch this huge RR with some Prairie Schooler's, (seasons) in the four corners beneath the top village, and fill the space in with (important!) familyhouse, houses of friends, a bookshop, library, needleworkshop and whatever I like. Ponds, trees, a park are also included. I think this project will take lifetime, but who cares?

I also started with another big one, the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Liezbeth, owner of Crownstitches, had done a conversion to GAST, Gentle Art and Crescent Colors. I will get one part of the chart, in addition with the threads, a month. I already know I can't stitch one part a month, but no problem eh?No picture yet, all I did yesterday evening was the cadre of the first house.

January 26, 2009

Exchanges and swap

I want to start with a big 'Thank you' to all stitchers who read my blog, and make their comments. I really love reading them, and it encourages me to keep up with this blog.

I have some things to show again. Last saturday a cute biscornu arrived from Doreen. We both signed up to a 'teaparty biscornu swap' at the Biscornu Yahoogroup and she sent me a lovely biscornu, and added two packages of little buttons! I sure can use them.

Today a lovely little Lizzie Kate pillow from Irene arrived. We both took part in the Lizzie Kate Exchange on the HoE-board. I can't show the one I stitched yet, for obvious reasons.

Well, how about my stitching? I get the feeling all I do nowadays is stitching for exchanges and swaps, but nonetheless I can show a little progress though on my Chatelaine Mystery XI.

And I finished March, of the Oakhaven SAL.

January 23, 2009

I've been tagged twice

I've been tagged by Tineke , so I have to show the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer. This picture is taken in 2006, we were on holidays in Germany I think, and here DH and DS are doing the dishes. They get along very good, and I think the picture show that too. I have been tagged by Henny too, so I thought it would be nice to show the sicth pixture of the sixth album too. It is taken in Germany, in may 2006, during holidays in Germany. I can't remember where exactly, but here are youngest DD and DS, getting along also very well. They never have a quarrel, in fact I can tell you I am blessed as we never have a fight in our little family.

Now it's my turn to tag four people. I ask you to show on your blog the fourth picture of the fouth folder on your computer I tag Janaina, Mylene, Marne and Carol.

January 21, 2009

First finishes 2009

Finally I can show two of the first finishes of 2009. Until now I have three finishes, but the last one didn't arrive at its new home yet. This one is a small part of a design of Bent Creek, Floss. I only used the bottom part, and adjusted it a little bit. It was sent as a gift to Tineke.

This lovely tape measure cover was stitched for Iris. She asked for one in a 'Wishing Caroussel' and I thought she would like this.

Yesterday evening I managed to stitch the second part of Oakhaven Designs, January SAL.

And, last but not least ,I can show you some progress on my HAED, I don't want to show that one too often, I'm afraid my readers will get bored LOL To prevend you all for that, I publish the backside this time, my next update will be the front, like I use to show.

January 18, 2009

First piece of SAL

Nothing much to tell really. We had major computer problems last week, so we ended up buying a new one. That means install all other items and missing familiar settings on your computer. It will take a while, getting back to normal and it takes so much time.
Stitch-related I have some finishes again, and, for obvious reasons I can't show them. I hope the girls who get them will be pleased, and if I get notice they did, I'll show some pictures.

I have one little think to show. It's the January part of a new SAL, from Oakhaven Designs. Yesterday the first part was sent out, and as I kitted up already, I started in the evening, longing for a quick finish and a relative simple stitch.

January 12, 2009

Winter pictures and some progress

Last week it was freezing cold in our country, and I just wanted to show some beautiful pictures, especially for my friends outside the Netherlands. This is about half an hour by bike from our home, and we love taking a walk by the canal.

Stitch-related I have three finishes for this year already, and can't show any of them yet, because they are all exchanges. One is sent abroad last week to a friend as a belated birthday gift, the other two stay in the Netherlands.

I managed to do quite a lot of stitching on Mystery XI, mostly eyelets, that took a lot of time. If you take a good look, you can see them between the arches of the trees.

I also made a new beginning. It's a HAED, Vibrant Vista, there not much to show. Due to internetproblems I can't post a picture, it will be there nex time!

** updated Here is Vibrant Vista :)