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January 21, 2009

First finishes 2009

Finally I can show two of the first finishes of 2009. Until now I have three finishes, but the last one didn't arrive at its new home yet. This one is a small part of a design of Bent Creek, Floss. I only used the bottom part, and adjusted it a little bit. It was sent as a gift to Tineke.

This lovely tape measure cover was stitched for Iris. She asked for one in a 'Wishing Caroussel' and I thought she would like this.

Yesterday evening I managed to stitch the second part of Oakhaven Designs, January SAL.

And, last but not least ,I can show you some progress on my HAED, I don't want to show that one too often, I'm afraid my readers will get bored LOL To prevend you all for that, I publish the backside this time, my next update will be the front, like I use to show.


Meari said...

Cute floss tag!

Vicky L said...

The floss tag came out wonderful. Great stitching on the measure tape. The backside of your HAED is so neat. That is really the backside? WOW! Impressive.

Barbara said...

I would have thought that was the front of your HAEL & NOT the back. Wow, I'm impressed! My stitching on the backside looks neat, but when I tuck in the ends of the threads, it gets messy.;-( Love your floss tag and measuring tape. You're really quick on the OakHaven SAL. I haven't even begun the January one yet. ;D
Barb in TX

Jana said...

That's the BACK????? The front must be gorgeous! We don't get tired of seeing the progress on the larger/more complicated gives me inspiration.
Keep up the good work!

Cindy F. said...

Seriously, that's the back of your HAED?!! OK, I'm never showing mine!
You've made beautiful progress on this piece and as I'm stitching an HAED, I will not get bored of seeing your progress updates!
Cute floss tag:) Love your tape measure!!

Debra said...

Both of the finishes are very nice. I really like the measuring tape. The back side of your head is wonderful.
Debra in Indiana

Giovanna said...

I like all of your work, Ineke, lovely stuff!

Ken's choice said...

Joke, I have tagged you on my blog, please have a look, thanks.

Ellen said...

Love your floss tag and measuring tape. I have yet to do a HAED but love to see your progress.