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July 25, 2013

Summer arrived

Summer arrived and I think we are officially having a heat wave in the Netherlands. That is also the reason my posting is getting a bit irregular. I use to update my blog once a week, weekends. But this time we are spending are days at our familyhouse in the country. In the evening temperatures in my room under the roof are that high that I can hardly enter the room! I didn't find a way to update my blog by smartphone yet, so this is all you get: irregular posts LOL
Last week I knitted another beauty, Purple Rain. The same design as Raindrops Keep Falling, but I did some adjustments to make a bigger one. I am happy with it!
 To let you know were we spend our lazy days in summer, here are some pictures:

July 14, 2013

It took some time ....

It took some time, but I think I am back to earth now. I had some trouble getting New York out of my mind and I feel like I'm a bit homesick. Strange, being homesick about a city that isn't your home.
Ah well, in the mean time summer vacation started and that means I have lots of time doing nothing. So when I'm not reading, of stitching, or knitting I am busy doing nothing LOL
Apart from reading (I already finished five books this week) I have been stitching on The Plantation Sampler. Again the grass grew and grew and I almost had to mow it every week. And a little fence is added on the left side of the house.
I also knitted this week. I did a testknit fot Dutch Knitting Design. You can find her here or here.
It was a fun knit! That much fun, that I have a second one on my needles already and a third one in my mind! Let me introduce you to Raindrops Keep Falling

July 08, 2013

Missed me?

In case you missed me, I have been to New York! Together with youngest DD I visited this beautiful, incredible city! It was the most exciting week of my life I think, except for the 'being a newborn mom weeks' and the 'being a newly wedded wife weeks'.

There are lots of pictures to share, lots of stories to tell, but that would be too much for you. So I just mention what we did in a longlist LOL
Walked on Times Square, through Central Park, Manhattan, Wall Street, Brooklyn.
Visited some great museums, such as MoMa, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (sat on the stairs), Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural History.
Went to a Broadway show (Chicago) and Madame Tussaud's.
Did some bustours, a river cruise, went on top of the Empire State Building, on top of the Rockefeller Centre.
Have seen Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, Visited three yarn shops (Purl Soho The Yarn Company and Knitty City) My favorite? The Yarn company, without any doubt!
Visited a tattoo shop (The Wooster Street Social Club), went shopping at Victoria's Secret, Macy's, the Build-a-Bear shop, M&M's shop, the Apple Store, Bloomindale's.
Weren't we TOURISTS???
And here are pictures!